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Desync happens in between 3-1 and 3-3, usually at big dog. Desync issue doesn't exist in 9920. Tried to /tracksync but says command not found, so I have no log to post but we've cornered it down to "has controller option on, either via option menu with dsfix OR /gamepad 5". PS4 controller, don't have an xbox controller to see if its a platform issue, sorry.

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I'm gunna be honest, it started working and I have literally no clue why. Wouldn't connect, trying different solutions for an hour. Stopped for a few hours, came back, tried it randomly, worked so uh.../shrug? Most likely just some issue in between our pcs I guess, thanks for the attempt and thanks for your mod, mate.

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Title. V9940.

Firewall allows both private and public network for Nuclear Throne Together, cannot get 2 pc's to connect to each other via local ip(ipv4). "Error: Connection Timed Out" every time.

PC's can physically see each other via PING in cmd prompt and can LAN via other games(game tried to make sure it wasn't network issue was Minecraft).

Tried both Router connection(both pc's individually connected to same router) and physically connecting both pc's together via Ethernet cable. In both cases, the pc's can physically see each other and connect LAN other games, just not Nuclear Throne Together.