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That's a great idea and would really make the game a lot more interesting! Thanks!


That's a good idea!

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I am so sorry, I had the credit in the settings menu which I removed due to not having time to finish, I will add it back now and to the description!

I really liked the grow and shrink feature!

My best is 756

Thanks for the feedback! And I’ll think about entering my game in GDWC!

No, I was not aware of this, I will fix this straight away.

Does it work with the HTC Vive?

I have tried on both Itch and steam and I have a HTC Vive plugged in but I run Windows 7, Is this the problem?

It will not open for me, says;

An error occurred while launching Blobby Tennis

application crashed. process exited with code 3221225781

I kinda wish I didn't have to start over when I lost my proxy's. Some kind of checkpoint would be good