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eggsbogs or blaystation?

I use godot, so the compatabilty (i think) could help alot. thank you for this!


Game was a bitch to beat but I did.

most I could do now was a 2:06 i have been beat.

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2:07 ha

get bent (im joking, you're are cool. i still beat you)

OK, crazy idea... main. menu. I KNOW CRAZY. and it has... okay, too much to ask, but BUTTONS

(kinda passive agressive but i mean well, i would love a main menu.)

Well the name got changed and is now on steam, im not exactly sure if it does have controller support or not still, but the game is called "Dread Templar" on steam. Let me know if it worked.

same brother, same

Happy that it will hit Steam soon, thanks for the reply, Happy development!

Will the game hit steam or somewhere else soon? I feel like it has potential.


i can't play the game without em, i just suck

Thanks, this is the only way for me to play RE: 8

Sarena - Best Bitch

Berry - Mom (will change it after the sex scene)

Emma - Horny bitch (its too obvious)

and Valerie - Hoe.

Do you have a computer? or was this posted on a phone? Because controller support needs to be made, or use software like antimicro.

The plasma gun intro on my pc breaks everything thanks to the blood particles, looks better, doesnt run better. non the less still my fav quake-ish game

only beaten by dusk.

gotta say, it looks awfully similar to kenney's gun collection.

Okay, so i tried the game with a SNES controller and i really hope you add support for it, it may be an old controller but when i could actually set it up, it worked just fine! Just wanted to leave feedback on controller experience.

well, thanks for letting me know.

I will say, i have noticed you putting more work into this then TwDAK, i wanted to ask why?

this is awesome! i love how the game starts connecting and when you have to learn things yourself!

No, if doom was free on, it would be doom... but free on

Its out.


Dude, this is a game being made by a single person. I doubt its gonna be free.

Game looks AWESOME!

This is the topic on if the creator releases the .ink file.

Also considered a request for the source code.

one of the bugs are the discord invite links, here:

Patch 1.0

Yo, the game is amazing, great graphics, great gameplay, just... its been 3 years. and you still haven't hit patch one? I love the dedication into the game and i cant wait for patch one indeed. Keep up the great work!


can you release a presskit? I wanna review the game and i need some resources

quake and dusks baby... cant wait for full release!

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Prob cus it's 3 dudes in their houses making a video game. with a FAT amount of content in it, also considering the extra kickstarter shit.

Looks like stick fight... BUT BETTER