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Ghost Dash chains off from Another Chance so, to my understanding, it'll only come into play when you hit 0 HP and Another Chance triggers. What, exactly, it does is an unknown to me though. Faster dashing while dead (or no MP cost)?

The only time I've died while having those two learned was when I was messing around with a Bone Shield (-30 HP) and had no opportunity to try it out.  If you have no MP while dead, then it's probably what I guessed. Something to test out later on.

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No worries, take your time. In the meanwhile, is there a way to change the totem location? Might've been because I had the game open (though I do think I tried a few times with it closed) but the totem path seemed to always revert if modified. That makes me think it's built into the save then, except that final totem already had its path change once from being in the Windows directory to somewhere else.

Might've happened when I revived myself after accidentally killing myself when I equipped the "suicide" shield? There was a nice shield with -30 HP as part of it, which resulted in me dying due to having either 0 or negative HP. Perhaps health should have a lower limit of 1?

Edit: Fixed it by manually putting myself into the missing subfolder, which contained the subfolder with the boss. I confirmed that I wasn't going insane as the rooms explored count didn't increase when I exited it.

Second edit: Beat the game. Final boss was a bit of a let down strategy-wise. Might be harder without abusing levitate? When I went back to continue off with my save, things were extremely zoomed out. I could see NPCs being drop activated as a result. Had to wait for the zoom-in to occur to resolve things.

Third edit: Another set of spelling corrections/thoughts

Kyuudoo -> Kyudo or Kyuudou
Roonin -> Ronin or Rounin (though Ronin is far more common)
Paper Blue mage -> Paper Blue Mage
Croch -> Croach? (Avoids it being pronounced like crotch, at least)
Big blobl -> Big Blobl
Big Room -> BigRoom (To be like other enemies like FireFlame, AmBush, etc)

You're welcome. it caught me off guard as well. I only noticed that the in-game update function wasn't working properly when I noticed the skill name for Aerial Dash was still spelled incorrectly.

If he spawned in the floor for you, you're likely still running the initial version that came out. Make sure you have the latest version and try again. That resolved a bunch of my issues, which were the same as yours.

It seems like the final totem is impossible for me to reach. At room depth 4 it gave me 14 doors, except this folder has 96 subfolders and the subfolder leading to the totem wasn't one of the 14 chosen. Maybe I'm missing something but I'm certain I've triple checked all the door names and none lead to what's listed in the totems file.

Additional observations:

1) The game will capture your keyboard input even when the game isn't focused. This primarily is of annoyance as it wastes MP when I tab out to type to someone and need to capitalize anything.

2) Monsters outside the map: (Annoying as I think that's one of the last enemies I need)

3) The top platform here doesn't really seem to let you enter it from the side, except then I somehow found a way to get on top of it. The end result was that I wound up wedged there and couldn't move.

4) What I thought was a cephalopod was actually a spider. Turns out the missing background initially (from the older version) made it hard to tell. This boss isn't hard but rather tedious. At 20HP per spider and 2000 HP, this means killing 101 spiders to bring it down.

5) Is that computer to the far left of the sword and shield boss for anything? I noticed lots of hidden areas on that map but no way to get over to the PC

6) Are there any plans to make a use for AP after you get all abilities and buy all of the spells?

7) Spelling mistakes I've notice:

Flanberge -> Flamberge
Tucan -> Toucan
Requiremets -> Requirements
Quality Browtinted Hood -> Quality Brown-tinted Hood
Advanced Violetinted Hood -> Advanced Violet-tinted Hood

8) It's possible to have zero stamina and be unable to equip a shield

Shield in question:
Shield Equippped:
Zero stamina, unable to equip my normal shield:

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Seems like it is still crashing, yes. I'm using the game's built-in update rather than re-downloading the .exe though. Might not be properly overwriting something?

The totem for it is coloured in, at least. Not sure if that means the game thinks I've beaten it or that shows I've just found the boss.

Edit: Boss beaten. I see now that it's a spider, rather than some sort of squid. When I first tried fighting it, none of the background was loading. After updating in-game, that was at least fixed which made me think further updates were being applied properly. Felt something was off still when Aereal Dash remained.

At 2k health and 20 hp gone per mini-spider killed, that meant I had to kill 101 of those. They also seemed to die even if I missed.


As for the missing totem, it was in a folder flagged so it'd only show up if "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)" is unchecked. That'd explain why it wouldn't show up in Explorer searches. 

Glad to be of assistance. I backed the game way back when out of nostalgia for a game that played similarly. You were a space ship that would go into the different folders on your computer, shooting files that were "infected" and such. Sadly it was built for the Windows 3.1 era so on Windows 95 or higher, you run into issues where larger HDD mean way more files. Became far too tedious to actually beat because you had to clear every folder out.


3) What exactly is stamina?
Stamina is not a stat anymore, do you know were you saw that?


Stamina is listed on the inventory page as well as on item tooltips

Glorious Bow, as an example


5) Items list themselves as having requiremets -> requirements
I don't understand what you mean here


Items are listed as having "requiremets" in their tooltip, rather than requirements (as per above, though I don't really stay on the item long enough to showcase that.

I had a bunch of other observations but's forum ate my post by accidentally going to my profile page. I'll rewrite them later once I'm no longer busy.

A few quick ones, at least, as they does halt progression:

1) The cephalopod boss still triggers a crash if you kill its spawns. Means I have to try and kill it without killing them, except I'm dealing 0 damage to it currently. Not sure if it's just an elemental issue or something else. I had a similar problem with the first boss but figured it was due to that floating shield around him.

2) Is there a way to tell where exactly a totem is? One of my totem folders is a jumble of letters and numbers and doesn't come up (at least in Windows Explorer) if I search for it. Probably in my Windows directory, which would make it reaaaaal fun to find naturally.

Crash on another of the bosses, this time when attacking the mini versions of itself it spits out

action number 1
of  Step Event0
for object obj_attack:

Variable <unknown_object>.element(100042, -2147483648) not set before reading it.
at gml_Script_deal_damage
stack frame is
gml_Script_deal_damage (line -1)

For the room design with two perpendicular beams of wood, the upper beam of wood doesn't seem to work properly. I couldn't stand on it when I tried to jump from the side. When I did somehow manage to do so, I wound up getting stuck instead.


The boss spawns partially trapped in the ground, preventing them from moving. Did you also have the map start zoomed out extremely far to show both you and the boss?

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You're welcome.

Other observations:

1) Being able to sort and/or discard items would be nice. Without reliable access to the conversion NPCs, the inventory can get cluttered quite quickly.

2) Magic Shield seemed to do nothing when I used it? The description made it sound like it would hurt enemies if I hit them while using it. Instead they took no damage, I still took my normal amount of damage, and my caster promptly bit it.

3) What exactly is stamina?

4) Why does Agi list its benefits as "Increase Attack Speed" and then "Attack Faster"

5) Items list themselves as having requiremets -> requirements

6) The two sets of three wooden platforms aren't solid, requiring you to have triple jump to get past them

Image reference

7) Just to check, is it intended behaviour to be able to bypass stat requirements by using items that boost your stats? Case in point: Stone Destruction Sword requires 72 STR. I have 70 STR but equip a sword that gives me 5 STR and then I can equip the Stone Destruction Sword, which gives me 10 STR so I'm still above the necessary STR requirement.

8) Is there a way to get rid of books at the moment? The level 15 mass item converters don't let you do it

9) Is there a way to buy potions and rope? Having to rely on drops can leave you empty and having to rely on natural regen, slowing things down.

10) Is it intentional to have cursed doors count as "completed" initially? I had a totem behind a cursed door, which was tucked 5 directories deep and all the folders ahead of it read as being clear.

11) Please don't put spikes in boss rooms if you're going to zoom out so far that you can see both characters from the start. If I didn't rely on my shields, I'd have been dead before even reaching the boss because I can't really see what I'm doing.

12) Shield boss was partially stuck in the floor so I just stabbed him to death without any meaningful fight. 

13) As noted in another thread, killing a boss causes a crash. Same error as was in that thread.

14) Once all skills are mastered, the AP meter goes away so you definitely have no way of telling how many you have for the sake of buying spells.

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Other random observations:

1) Found some sort of funky crack in the wall that kept spawning enemies every few seconds? Once I get Magic Meteor, maybe it can AOE them down? Not sure if it's intended. (Edit - Never mind, this seems to be intended behaviour for a folder containing lots of files)

2) Strength doesn't denote that it's required to equip gear (or I'm getting incredibly unlucky for defensive mage drops). This, unfortunately, puts a heavy benefit towards melee classes over magic/bow classes as they'll already be pumping Str.

3) Nothing on the Spells page to denote how many Adventure Points you have. Need to go over to the Skills page to tell (and even then, one has to piece together that what's being recorded there is AP)

4) Are the random holes in the ground that lead to what is essentially the outside of the room intended? Only encountered them a few times and learned my lesson to not jump in them. Thankfully saving and quitting will put you back at the door.

5) +'s as a item prefix, rather than a suffix? Intended?

6) Enemies immediately respawning when coming back from a subroom seems a bit wonky. I've hit a few rooms where I can't full clear them due to needing double jump. If I try to explore the subrooms within them, the enemies will come back and I have to be careful again. Makes it riskier to explore than intended/desired perhaps?

7) Leaf book -> Leaf Book, Perforing Spear -> Perforating Spear?

8) Hyphens missing from some things as well, like Browntinted -> Brown-tinted.

9) Defence seems to not matter that much? I decided to go from 1 STR to 16 STR so I could wear some better gear. This pushed me from 15 defence to 53 defence, except I only went from taking 45 damage to 35 damage.

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Is there a way to tell beforehand what something is/does?

When an NPC is offering to sell me gear, I have no idea if I'm buying something something unsuitable for my build.

Same for spells, where all I have is the spell name to go off of for what it will do.

For the most part, skills can be identified by name alone but there's still no detailed information on them after choosing one.

Am I just missing something or are there plans/way to show more?

Also, on a side note,

1) Aereal Dash should be Aerial Dash right?

2) Are potions meant to show up as separate inventory items, despite them stacking as a consumable?