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No problem :) I am not trying to pressure you. Just wanted to report some bugs!

If you share the code with me. Maybe I could port it for you?

I guess you already did. Great!

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also knife isnt working. It doesn't do damage.

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If it's done with 6dof it would be cool yeah. Definitely worth it for Sidequest .

Ah too bad. Would be nice to have a setting somewhere i could set to 1.72.

Hi! Looks cool. Are you gonna put this game on Sidequest?

Found anything?

Nice! Hope to see it there soon :)

Looks cool. Are you gonna add this game to Sidequest?

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Is it correct the showcase only has a platform with a few blue blocks I cannot interact with? I hoped try out more!

multiplayer races would be super badass!

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Whenever I am in the Home screen I am a lot shorter than when in the game. Also when I reach for the floor with my lamp or knife I cannot touch the floor because it's too far down. I think my feet are about 30cm above the floor. Personally my length is 1.72 if that helps.

I would expect floor to be on the same height as the Guardian. So length of person should be same in the home screen as in the game.

Looks like you created this for the Quest. Are you gonna release it on Sidequest?

Hi, can I report bugs somewhere? De game doesn't check my length so im kinda flying above the floor.


Are you gonna release on Sidequest?

Cool game. You should put it on Sidequest! People would love to play it!

You can contact the owner here:

Hi! Putt putt Golf VR also works great on the Quest! Would you mind adding it to sidequest? People would love to play your game! You can contact the guy from Sidequest here:

Are you gonna add your game to sidequest? Would love to see it there!

Ah that's too bad. Would love to play it but only thing not working is controller now.

Hi, the game actually runs great on the quest! Why not add it to Sidequest? We would love to see your game there :)

Hi, the game actually works fine on the quest. Do you mind releasing it on Sidequest?

Hi, are you gonna release it for the quest? Looks awesome!

You should add this game to Sidequest! It actually runs great on the quest :) Is there more to do to listen to  the cops story?

Super cool. You should contact Sidequest and get the app on there :)

Hi man! Love the app and have a question: Are you gonna add it to Sidequest? You can just add the application without downloads so that it links to the itch store :) Would be cool to see it there.

Are you gonna bring this to the quest? It looks fun!

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Are you gonna add this game to Sidequest or release it in oculus store? I would love too see it in one of the two

Are you gonna release this on Sidequest?

Nice! Good to hear :)

Hi! I love your app. Are you gonna put it on Sidequest? Would be cool to see it there!