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I'll await the complete remake :) Hope that will be available in this page!

With "buy the stuff in the shop by clicking one of the action buttons" clicking you mean pressing Enter, right? There's no mouse cursor in the game.

Good luck with development, Bart

Hi Jelle, neither Enter or Space work for me when I'm on/hear the seeds market bottom left. Do I need to bring the coins somewhere first?

Looking forward to try the new build!


Hi dev! I've tried this game but I can't seem to figure out what to do. 

- I can't buy crops/seeds from the bottom left corner. Your tutorial.txt completely skips the step on how to plant things

- I can use the water and plow but not the thingy in between

I'd like to give it another shot but I need some help. Thanks!

Very clever and elegant puzzle design. Game feels complete and has a coherent style. Looking forward to a lot more content! PS: I like the diversity of mechanics and settings a lot. Let me know if you appreciate structured feedback on more recent builds. Cheers