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So tonight after a hell of a week I figured I'd burn through an NSFW VN. I've got a huge backlog of big budget VNs I haven't been able to play yet. I tried two and... fuck, stock characters, bad writing, etc. 

Then I grabbed this and HOLY CRAP were the writing, the characters, and the art so good! And it's free! The date was lovely, Izzie and her anatomical tricks (no spoilers) were great. This was exactly what I was looking for, and it left me wanting more!

I'm jumping on your Patreon rn. Can't wait to see the next one!

I hope I get to meet Izze again. :)

I did not expect to get fifteen hours of free content from this game! Aside from the combat lagging on my old ass computer, loved it. Hopping over to the Patreon now. :)

Dug iiit. I'd love to see the environmental placement of the art and storytelling, like the paintings, expanded on more in future spooks!