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Gosh, I love the update!

I wish there was an ending with both Glimrok and Stexis, I love both characters so much!

In fact, all characters are amazing. Loved the ending with Duncan, too!

Wahhh, instantly fell in love with Kro, but the situation is so complicated, he wants fun and nothing serious ;_(

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Would it be possible to add more character customization in the final game?

More body shapes from thin (like the Twink Orc) to normal to muscular, very muscular to chubby and so on.

Different hair styles (bald, short, long, braided etc.) and facial hair (none, stubby, viking beard, etc.) to choose from as well as the colour and skin tone.

And also have NPC's with those traits, so they won't all end up looking like the same buff dude.

Thank you!! :D

Does this have to come with an installer?
Can you provide a .zip version that is unpack and play?

This game is such a shitpost, I love it.

But please for the love of everything that is MRGRGR, add a save function, gahh my nerves.

In your house it says "Robin's Bed" regardless of how you named the character.

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Registered just to comment on here. I really like this game!

Hope there will be more story-wise, maybe even a cheesy ending with the big evil guy ;P

As feedback: Would it be possible to change/slightly adjust the colour of the dark blue "L"-block?

The colour is way too close to the background for me, making it really difficult to see where it is and where it will land. Sometimes it blends in completely with the background, turning it invisible for me.