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Barako the Pirate

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Hey Spirit Corgi, I did a let's play of your game.

Overall, it was a pretty good game.  How you used the tileset was amazing, especially in the first city. You're an amazing mapper that's for sure! Also the idea of having three different classes for the MC is a fun idea as well.

However, I got stuck on the mandragora puzzle. It's pretty hard, you should probably make it an optional puzzle, like you get a magic item or some sort of reward for completing it.  Also the rules for completing it should be stated somewhere while attempting to solve it, instead of just the start.

Also, and this is just my opinion, the story is a little bit too slow-paced, it lost me there for a bit.

Otherwise, keep up the good work!

Hey, here's my let's play of your game. Unfortunately not a full playthrough cause it froze, but still it's something for you to work with and get some valuable feedback with!

It's an okay game. I like the open ended nature of it, and the chipset looks nice. But I have a few criticisms...

- Special attacks are useless.  Double attack and slow attack deal no damage, there's no point in using them.

- ATB is way too slow. Speeding it up would certainly help in making it more fun.

- The game freezes just as you leave the supply shop and complete the quest.

Sorry in advance for not completing it as well, I was an idiot and didn't save, and didn't have the heart to start again.  I'll do another let's play of it later on tonight.

Lol, it reminds me of Disgaea, especially the first track. I love it.

Oh god all of these are absolute bangers.  Definitely will use two of them in my next game.

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Nevermind, I'm a moron. I didn't see the heal option where you buy troops.

Although, maybe they should be split up in separate buildings for dum dums like me, like some kind of inn or something?

Again, great game.

Hey man, great game!  Recorded myself playing it and uploaded it to youtube, thought you might be interested in seeing someone else play it (I know, I'm a pretty crappy let's player).

Overall I had a ton of fun playing it and will probably finish it! About the only criticism I have is that it's a bit obscure as to how to heal your party, I don't remember there being any hint that you use lakes to heal. Other than that, great job!

Lol yeah, good advice, especially about GDC. Gonna check them out. 

And mapping out the basics is something I should do more often yeah, got way, way too excited creating the game and finishing the first part in like march so people could play it, so I cut corners.

Yeah, thank you for the encouragement Anwynn!  I feel like even though my skills are kinda crappy now, they could be great if I work on them, and receive feedback on my games. 

And yeah, I shouldn't be such a perfectionist, I completely agree with you on making games to please yourself first, it's pretty unhealthy to obsess too much on feedback and comparing yourself to others.

Aw thanks man! Your music is friggin awesome by the way, it was a major reason why I even wanted to make Barako the Pirate into a game.

Oh geez. Yeah, definitely gonna backup my games constantly from now on. Thanks for telling me that, good to know.

Thank you Anwynn for always supporting me. You always have something nice to say.

Wait but what issues does rpg maker have? That’s freaking me out a bit.

Nah I won’t laugh. Again, it’s not just you who it’s too hard for, you’re not alone.  In the sequel I’m gonna add ranged attacks and the ability to double jump and jump on enemies, with probably more health as well so it’s not so overwhelming to the player.

 Anyway, again, thank you for playing! Your feedback really, really has helped me a lot Anwynn!

Awww that sucks. It's pretty tough without a controller, lol I can't get past the third level without it.  

It's sad how you couldn't finish it. Which level did you get to? It's apparently a pretty tough game, you're not the first person to say it's too hard. I have to really get a playtester to test my games so people not familiar with my games can play them and finish them. 

That's strange about your controller.  Have you tried a program like joy to key to change your keys around? Otherwise I gotta have an option to change keys.

Anyway, thank you for playing, and your kind words!

In the far-off lands of Helenia, a selfish young man named Roland Dringus got kicked out of the Blue Griffons, an Adventurers Guild.

Wandering the lands of Helenia and heading north, he hopes to find work in the city of Gregor.

However, he is going to have a fateful encounter with an idealistic young girl called Fiona McMire, an adventurer from the Yarlir Hawks...

Hello all! This is my first submission to a game jam ever! Submitted it to the 30 Day RPG Maker Themed Game Jam #5 and I'm so proud!

It features custom graphics, both character sprites and battlers.

Check it out here:

Hey I did a let's play/review thing of the game, check it out.

Overall a pretty good game. It looks good and the story is intriguing!

 But I have some criticisms. They are: 

- One save point located in a weird spot, imo should be where all the characters are instead. Also you have to go through a long explanation for each time you wanna save. 

- If you wanna change characters, there is a chance you'll accidently trigger their long backstory cause it's the first item on the list of choices.

 -Random encounters aren't that interesting, and there's alot of them. You only attack, and you have first aid so there's no real resource management. I presume there will be later on, but for now, it's pretty boring.

Otherwise good job, and I look forward to playing the full release!

Hey, I did a let's play of this game, check it out.

Pretty good game, although it looks like you abandoned it.  Hopefully your newest game is even better than this one!

Hey I did a let's play of your game! Check it out.

Overall I really, really enjoyed playing it. I'm following you and I hope to see the full version soon!
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An underrated gem of a game.  Its a rpg maker XP horror game with brilliant sound direction and graphics, and is dripping with atmosphere. Well paced as well, no constant jumpscares with little buildup, just slowly building dread little by little with small creepy happenings, then hitting you with well placed jumpscares.

Its about a kid who oversleeps in school, and has to deal with waking up in a nightmare.

This needs more attention

It's hard to describe why this game is so great with spoiling anything. Get it, trust me, it's great.

This game scared the crap outta me. Last jumpscare especially got me good.

This game deserves way more attention then it's getting.

One question though. Is it supposed to be only in a window? Tried hitting the usual keys of a rpg maker game to turn it into fullscreen but couldn't.

Anyway, here's my playthrough of the game.

Really good game.  Thought the slide was adorable.  Always kids/cute stuff mixed in with horror always makes for good scares.

Pretty good game, although it was strange how it seemed to freeze at the very end.  Good tension building, no jumpscares. Fairly relatable as well, who hasn't thought someone else was in your house with you while home alone?

Anyway, this is my playthrough. First time playing a horror game in awhile, and I scare pretty easily, so decided to record myself while playing.

Oh yeah, haven't tried the cheat codes.  Also the riddle although I'm bad at riddles...

Hey Lannael, what do I do once I've beaten the boss at the top of the tower? Great game by the way!

Hey, I did a let's play of your game Lannael.  I'm only a starting let's player though, it's probably gonna get no views, but it might be fun for you to watch someone play your game!

Huh, guess I was wrong then lol. Guess creating the game means I play through it way, way faster. Maybe I should change the tag line...

Thanks for the feedback!

Cool! Thank you very much! It was my first completed RPG Maker game, so it means alot!

How did you get 4H 13M though... Did you grind, or did I seriously underestimate the time?

I actually released this game quite a long time ago, but it has received no feedback, aside from a single youtube video without commentary. Really would appreciate any feedback, especially if you are a fellow RPG Maker dev.  Its about a princess stalking/harassing a prince.

It's fairly generic aside from the humour, and the Trauma system, where the party takes more and more damage the more TP they accumulate.  Uses RTP assets, so not terribly interesting in the graphics department. But it's my second completed game, so I'm pretty proud of it.

I'd like feedback on mostly the story. Is it actually funny? As well as mapping, if you've got experience with it. Heard that my other RPG Maker game, The Eye of Vyrius, had crappy mapping, so I'm wondering whether this one does as well.

My new project. It's a combination of the NES games Kung-Fu and Zelda II. 

Princess Daphne's beloved Prince Elden has been kidnapped by her arch rival Princess Elizabeth of Helenia. 

Unfortunately for her, her father the King of Hyrilumi has forbade her from meeting with the Prince and as such won't help her in saving her husband to be, so she has to save him herself! 

Fight through 6 action packed levels and help the princess save the man of her dreams

 Hi guys. This is my rpg maker game with custom graphics. Just put out a demo just recently, it isn't the full game. It has deep character customisation, tough fights and plenty of secrets.

Reizt and his friends are freelance adventurers, clearing out a mine of monsters for the temperamental farmer Mr McGregor. 

But descending upon the lower levels of the mine, they find a mysterious red orb. 

Reizt greedily clasps the orb in his hands, but it happens to be cursed! So begins the adventure of a lifetime!

- Massive cast of characters to recruit. 18 characters each with their own separate move sets.

- Open ended skill learning system with over 150 unique skills to learn! 

- Randomized loot system with over 150 unique equipment to collect and customise your characters with! 

- Each equipment can also be upgraded! No simply throwing out weaker equipment for stronger equipment!

- 72 types of enemies!

- Huge amount of secrets!

Wow! Thanks for playing my game!

Can you review my game MasterPug? 

It's a top-down shooter, Blik's Radical Adventure. I know it's pretty ugly, but the gameplay is good. Much appreciated if you do decide to play it, because it's got only 2 downloads, so you'll be the first to play it outside of my nephew, and the feedback would be extremely helpful!

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Hi all. This is my second project on this site.  First one was Blik's Radical Adventure, but no-one played that ;_; cause it was ugly. 

It's a short rpgmaker game about a stalker princess obsessed with a prince. Sexual harassment ensues.



Princess Daphne

A short hour long comedy RPG

The princess of Whitestone Kingdom, Daphne, has been set up with Duke Lynoss by her father, the king.

But she isn't having any of that!  Join her as she pursues (harasses) her long lost childhood love, Prince Elden of Elden kingdom!

Features an open ended skill learning system, where all skills are roughly the same power level. No simply getting a superior skill for an existing skill.

Also features the trauma point system.  The more TP a character accumulates by getting hit, the more damage they will take. Can only make TP go down by resting at an inn.

This game is fairly short, only around an hour, so it won't take too much of your time. 

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Great game, beautiful graphics and fun, hard gameplay!

But needs a better save system.  Just lost all my progress because I mashed the return key and hit start and accidently wiped my save.  Such a shame, really want to complete it.

I got a game OP. It's called Blik's Radical Adventure. It's an arcade, high score chasing, top down shooter with 5 different weapons and 14 enemy types.  Spent like two months making it and it's my first completed game, so it would be nice if someone played it!  The graphics aren't great, but I promise the gameplay is good!

This needs a help file or something. Seems like a neat idea, and it's pretty, but I have no idea what to do.