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The best game in the world. The devs of this game are so cool)

Hello, everyone! We are back, and with a new game,Multi Merge! Check out the game on right now and join our Multi Merge Discord server! The game might not be in the best state right now but it will be soon! The game also has modding support so you can modify the game as you wish too! As you may have realised, we have taken a different direction and path. We will no longer be updating Digital Logic Sim 2, and we may not make any games like it either. We are sorry if your disappointed but we hope you understand. The game is quite simple but we promise that this is not what we have been working on for about a year. Here are the links -

Multi Merge by Lime Inc. (

In this game you can merge items and get new elements. Game still in development and unfinished yet. There arent a lof of elements, but you can suggest your ideas in discord for new items or you can make your own mode and share it with others.

Nice. Then it is really bug.

maybe you forget to connect wire to output. View chip and check if wires connected to outputs or you can send screenshot

They become black because you are using buses 

Happy new year to everyone!  We wish that this year will be the best in your life!

There are resize option in settings

Lol, I don't know

Sebastian didn't update DLS yet.

The problem is already fixed, new update will be soon

You are welcome!

Yes, it is. The original version was abandoned, so we are using open-source and upgrading it.

Hello, thank you for your feedback. The problem with the background color is already fixed, we will update it soon on itch. Also, the suggestion about placing pins on top and bottom is popular, so we will try to implement it in the future.

Problem with edit chips already fixed, it will be uploaded on itch soon. And I liked your idea about grid

Hover on IO bar and press + or -


Ok, first is a phantom pin, it is fixed already, second "blank chip" is a saved workspace, we will make it invisible)

in DLS2(also on itch) you can delete chip, projects and edit chips

We already fixed problem with phantom ñins, we will upload it soon

Can you explain the problem in more detail here or on our support email


No for now, because it is test version for Android

ALSO, Digital Logic Sim 2 is now for Android

(1 edit)

In the original project you can't delete it, but in Digital Logic Sim 2 you can delete and other cool stuff

wow, I see this bug for the first time, can you describe how it happened? Also, you can write more information and send screenshots to our email:

It is saved workspace

Changeable Keybind

Fixed language on MacOS

(mb) test mobile version

Clock(in this version it disapeared)

Yeah, there some bugs on mobile version, but I am fixing them

To next update

He is on Mac so the localazitation doesn't work on Mac. Sorry because we haven't Mac so we couldn't test.  Now we know that language doesn't work on Mac and will fix it.

We already fixed that, just update

Sorry, our game doesn't support symbols Chinese symbols

Yeah, we know. We wanted to update DLS today and fix this problem, but we have technical issues so that update will be tomorrow, sorry.

Don't worry, we already fixed that, so today we will update DLS, but we are also now finishing some other things

You can try to make a new empty chip and after that delete it


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We are fixing it. You can create a new chip and delete it. This will Fantom pin disappear. But mb you deleted something?

Ok, I will test it tomorow, because in my country is 2AM