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my girlfriend is crying over how much she loves boop 5/5

It's a fun game, give it a try. Also Hespe>Kosma

Sorry, this was  posted nearly a month ago when the alpha was available for free, I'll take down the post later today.

Hello community! I am currently in need of feedback for a project I just started, it has a small alpha available and given it just started, feedback is critical for its development, the game file is only 26 mb, the game is fast paced and matches are short, so it should  be quick too. This also means you may encounter a glitch or two, but the game is  more than playable.

MetalBird Tactics is a war turn based Strategy game where you build your formation choosing between two factions, with ten units each and a wide range of combinations to make, to challenge the enemy strategy.

You have only 10.000 credits to spend on your formation, so you will have to choose your units carefully.

Your objective is to destroy the enemy Mobile Base Unit

Thank you for your atteention.

For more info please visit the project page:

I'm glad to announce MetalBird Tactics was officially released and finally stable.

This is a Turn Based Strategy+Active Time game, which means every unit moves faster than others depending on their stats.

The current build has two factions and 20 units, the game is evolving quickly and constantly adding new exciting features.

If you enjoy strategy games, take a good luck at this!

Hello! Only the early access version has been released, which includes content up to chapter 6. The full version(10 chapters) will probably come out this month, I will send you a copy when it's out! Is there an email or anywhere I can contact you?

Thank you so much!

Yes...currently the only available download is the version you've had access to, I'm very sorry for the confusion, I'll get it fixed asap. I'm having some problems with the site...

Thank you for your patience and making things a bit clearer for me too.

Hello Onlineguy, I just recieved your messege to my blog and noticed the comment here...sorry for the inconvenience, Pinkerator is part of this project; his answer is official, I should have been clearer about this.

Pinkerator responded because he's been on itch longer than me and knows more about that specific issue.

I left a few graphics of my previous game there, I was thinking about adding a small easter egg or something, but I couldn't find an appropiate situation, have a good day.

Hello, sorry for the late answer, I completely missed the notification. Well, if you follow this page you should be notified when the update comes, but I will send you a messege when the time comes.

Thank you so much for your support!

Thank you so much for your support! I'm glad you like it, killing Frankie will only result in a different cartridge, which doesn't mean much in the demo, but it will open different branches later. Personally I'd choose to kill him.

Have a nice day.

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Thank you so much for playing it, it was fun to watch! It's always possitive to find feedback from people playing in real time, I'm going to share it with my team and followers in my blog. Have a great day.

Hello community, I'd like to show you my frist project. The game is complete and made with love.

War of Existence is a real time action game, with fast moving scenarios and lots of illustrations.

The story follows a mysterious girl and a swordsman in a post apocalyptic scenario, a Divine Entity judges humanity as an evil race and the extintion is announced, the game features elements of existentialism and some religious references.

Here's a small video with one of the boss battles:

Here's a link to the project's page, I hope you like it. Have a good day!