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It should be cool, I'm downloading now, I saw this game doing quite success last year, thank you for port to Android!

What you must do to install is:

Go to this link, and select the link that says:

No thanks, just take me to downloads

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There is a bug in the Android version of the game (did not tested on PC, but there must also be), that the yellow door of the dark corridor will not be blocked on one side if I lock it before it is close

This profile picture suits you!

I do not understand very well of these things, but it might have been a problem on the page, because again when I was waiting for the release of Android version, also said it had been upgraded but nothing happened

In version 2019.8.14a (for mobile), the death animation sometimes does not produce any sound (in this case I only noticed the firing so far)

Guys, is saying this page was also updated a few hours ago, but I didn't notice anything new, if you noticed something I didn't see please tell me

Only Android doesn't have 😳

Unfortunately, you will not have a demo for phone, as it's saying above

OMG! Was released!!!

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Please Innersloth, fix two bugs. The first one, I don't know if it's really a bug or if I'm doing it wrong, but on The Skeld map, I can't do the wiring task.  And second, that impostors are taking advantage and sabotaging the light, because we can't fix it, and that serves as an easy target

Screenshots here:

Whenever I put one of the wires or just touching the screen will kick me out of the task

Here is a bit different, I can't interact with any of the switches and we can do nothing but stay in the dark

And that's what I've noticed so far, please correct it soon

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It's true, I'm not sure if this is a bug but when I'll fix the lights or the wires, I'm expelled from Task when I try to make any change, even the fact that you touch the screen in mobile devices

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Many thanks for the translation Innersloth, Portuguese it's okay

Could you fix the bug of kill time not passing while looking at security cameras plz

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And if this item is really introduced, it would be better to leave it in a specific place that the player does not visit much, because it is an item of certain advantage

Hey, I like this idea

May I ask you a question?  What will be the name of this game?

This is nostalgic for me, played Field Trip Demo on the computer just one time earlier this year, but Android imitation is very difficult, and on the computer I don't know if the lower mouse sensitivity was an error or intentional

It says will be two demos, one paid and the other free. Click me for more informations

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I can't wait for the full demos of the game! Although I can just play the free 😐 .Will the full game be free or paid? I am really looking forward to exploring new places

We have a new bug

And after that we all die

This may not have been a bug, maybe everyone left the game when it's over, but as this is the first time this happens to me I'm showing ok

Look, I'm hoping it will arrive too, but Field Trip Demo was last updated in October, and the full game is near, so I think it's more valid to wait

This is disappointing to me, I was so excited about the arrival of the new map, but I won't be able to pay because here in Brazil 4 dollars is sooooo expensive, of course you have nothing to do with it but keep up this amazing game

No matter what I do...

No matter how many times I start all over again...

This annoying bug will always be here, here and here

Oh yes :P

The game will always look like this after a while, and you can uninstall it and install it again, but it's a little faster if you go into the app settings and erase all data to start from scratch



And today it's been six months since the Android version was officially released

You can't do this here, this function is on Google Play

I solve this if I leave the original language when answering

That's what you was talking about

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Did you use control on both phones?

I've seen it too, it's a texture bug and it's since version 1.4.2

Why is this copy paid? One more reason not to be original

I only have doubt if this was something purposeful or not...

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After the release in IOS, is there any approximate launch on Google Play Store? Just to know

In the latest status update of Kickstarter, he spoke that a public demo of the full game will be released soon

All these bugs that you are saying have already happened to me, but not very often

That was when I finished a match, and that error occurred on the game title screen