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This was a well made game, I enjoyed playing! I'm just trying to figure out how to open the box, covered in question marks, and I assume the ukulele contains a secret as well? I would like some help whenever you have time developer/developers.

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Give the game a chance, perhaps the developer might be able to fix the issue.

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The atmosphere, sound effects, and the sceneries of this game are nice. I really enjoyed playing!

Question: is there a way to find Ruby's mother? 

As I was playing this, I became interested of what happened to this man and his family, but had some difficulty reading the pages within the house, due to some typos I found,  and even at the beginning of the game.  

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I'm trying so hard to guide this plant wherever its trying to go.

Alright, take your time if you're still checking. Also, it won't be a problem, I'll send an email to you as soon as I can!

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Hello and I have a bit of a problem accessing the game. I extracted the files and opened the pwm and this is what I see, the image below.  Is this suppose to happen?