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I feel like just finishing a game is hard, so that's progress, yay! and yeah, troubleshooting is always so annoying but that's great you persevered! and yeah, I feel like making it compatible with other devices would be another level, that could be a fun jam idea maybe, just take an old game, and reformat it into a mobile game, and just add one more rule or mechanic....hmmmm 

This is very cute, and I love the sound effects!

Some of my comments:

I had to get a blue and I thought I hit a blue! Then I realized it was a slight shade of blue off. I was about to suggest maybe make it more color-blind friendly, but then I realized that we did issue the theme of Color Changes Everything haha

I accidentally went off to the rightmost side and it didn't consider it a 'death' so I was wondering how long I could get through that loophole, but after the 2nd change of colors, it finally died when it went through the wrong color haha

I really love finding accidental loopholes, but then some of your rules still hold it accountable eventually

 I had to click restart with my mouse but then go back to playing with the arrows on my keyboard. I guess it'd be cool if there was a keyboard shortcut for restarting the game, to make it easier to replay quicker

that's great! do you mind sharing what you learned? :)

a 24 hour game jam definitely does that to you! and that's awesome, I can't wait to try out your game!

How exactly can I play this??

That's awesome, what sort of things did you learn along the way? :)

Thanks so much for being part of our jam, as now it's time for us to set up voting! Go check out other people's games, play them out, and vote!

We understand that if you need more time and may have missed the submission time, you're free to message me through our Discord or comment below.

Late submissions will close at 2:30pm PST 

We'll see you again in 2 weeks once voting has accumulated!

it may be that we didn't really advertise it as much as we did last year 😅 but we are adjusting to going back to hosting monthly game jams, so stay tuned!

This is an unranked game jam so it's all for fun!

Happy Friday! We're announcing the theme for our #VoyagerJam a week early and it is: "Life Form"

Every life form represents a different way to view the world and universe around us. Your game can be about one life form that you choose. This can be ANY life form. Ex: your best friend, a dog, a tree, anything. All you have to do is make a game or experience surrounding the life form you choose. Study life around you. Any tools allowed, all disciplines and skills welcome.

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When I started it, I got obsessed with just jumping up and down just to hear the meow XD

I absolutely love everything about this! It's so easy to play and there were a few "wait I didn't know I'd die from that!" moments that made it feel like such a polished game! I especially love the different ways of getting high each time too haha I'd really love it if you submitted it to our showcase that's coming up in September!

Very straightforward and simple, love it! It did feel like there was a lot of open space, which gives room for potential with like obstacles or things to pick up around maybe. I really loved the music!

It took me a while to also figure out how to shoot, but I feel like every time I die and try again, I'm immediately killed off. Maybe after death, it can take a while for the seeds to spawn before coming in? Otherwise I feel like I'm just constantly dying after the first time lol

I love finding the glitches though! If I click R multiple times in a row, there's multiple mes being spawned and then the visual of having like 8 of me picking up pumpkins ready to throw hahaha but then when I try to throw them with the arrow keys, it doesn't leave so I'm just stuck with rolling 8 pumpkins in each players hands

  • I really loved the music!
  • Sometimes a weed would be appropriately in the way, but sometimes I'm able to go on top of one
  • I'm unable to restart the game from inside, so I have to exit the application and then go back in to play again
  • I'm able to hack down a weed, but when I use the Z+arrow key to throw a fruit into the trash can, it won't register it and my number is always 0
  • When it says Game Over, there seems to be another word/phrase overlapping with it and it's hard to see

Despite some of these errors, I can tell that if it weren't for those tiny little in-capabilities, it'd be a fun game :)

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It's been a while since I opened a java file but I love how simple the formatting is. But after I opened it up, it's just kind of blank. I clicked around, used my arrow keys, WASD, spacebar, etc and nothing seems to be happening? How do I play this?? There doesn't seem to be any triggers to start playing the game
Edit: the screen finally moved around with the arrows but that's about it. it seems I just can scroll around this piece of land

the modeling and the animation is so cool! it was a little confusing on what to do, but after a while, I got the hang of it haha

I'm still not sure how to get the milk from the cow and I keep going hungry because of this :( other than that, I love the concept and the physics behind it

For a first game, I'm surprised you didn't have more glitches! I'd say that's an accomplishment within itself haha

I was moving around and then I got stuck under the "ok" button lol

"I hope you're in a better place. Because I'm not." WOW, I was already slowly tearing up and this really got to me. This was really beautiful and made me cry. Great job, you guys. Although it didn't really feel like a game per se, but I don't care, I love anything narrative so I'm okay with it.

Although, mechanics wise #3-5, it was difficult to move onto the next one, I had to click around multiple times until I finally somehow clicked in the perfect blind spot to get to the next one.

I really love the atmosphere

interesting layout, physics a little wonky, but I still got to finish the levels, yay!

go to game url
at the top, there's a New  devlog button, click on that
click on Edit game tab
and that's where you can add more info to your game if you'd like :)

or if that's too much work, you can send it to me through Discord @Jenderfluid#8737

There's a weird glitch at "I'm gonna make it pretty for you" and I couldn't click it when it's a long one line, it was only clickable when it's on the 2nd line

"No peaking", it's actually *peeking

Other those two little things, this is overall a super cute game! Really loved it :)

nope, we're going to make #NoCode an annual thing, so our next one will be a normal full fledged Game Jam, with coding, art, music, etc :)

the objective was pretty straightforward, and it made sense that my fire died after a certain period of time haha but oh man, I'm really in love with the ending song! do you think you can submit that as a separate file as well??

you could always use a description to twist it to fit the theme. like "this game will make you feel all sorts of terror...." which is technically making them feel something, which in turn is a "mood" per se haha

so I'd say it can still count in that way, right?

And yes, we have a monthly itchio game jam, so stay tuned for our next one in August! :)

It's open for interpretation and we look forward to what you end up making!
Once you're done with your submission, please be sure to tag us when you share your games with #sdcjam and #nocodejam

So long as you don't overwhelm yourself and remember that it's all in good fun, I think you'll be able to do it :)

We actually held a poll on which weekends would be best for our community as we know some people celebrate 4th of July weekend, and some don't, and our final result came down to July 17th as our weekend to hold the Jam. But I can redirect you to other Game Jams that are starting soon, as they're all listed here:

Asset Jam community · Created a new topic Our Winners!

Programming: Eliot Lash
Audio: Kyle Wynn
: WildThorn

Thank you for participating! You now have bragging rights, and can also mention it on your resume if you'd like :)
Everyone did a great job and we're glad to see so many amazing submissions and we look forward to seeing you again in July! Until then, we've got another workshop coming up soon as well, so stay tuned! 

Join our Discord if you'd like to be updated on our workshops and other events :)

This is so cute! I love that my idea sparked so many different results of rice ball families :D I especially love the baby and it's seaweed blanket. 

Now that our Jam is over, please don't forget to rate the submissions! 

Good luck and we'll see you on Sunday at 2pm in our Discord if you'd like to showcase your assets and receive feedback!

I really love the overall layout and design, really well done! I like how the books are presented and can even choose which title despite the time limit.

Some details I noticed:
The box containing the list is a little disproportionate, but that seems fixable. And there's a typo, where you had "Recipies"

Thanks so much! It was definitely a lot to work with and I'm glad we managed to almost get a fully finished game! It's too bad we couldn't get the boss in, but it's knowing that we got at least 90% done!

We hope to see a lot of great games at the end of this! Good luck and have fun!