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Thanks for playing the game and giving a nice feedback. :D

I hope that GDWC 2019 goes well. :)

That's very fun to play! Sometimes, the player don't win when it is expected to.

Man, you guys did it again. The game is very relatable but it ended too soon for me.

The subtle and calm vibe but with the element of uncertainty. Nice game! Keep it up guys!

Thank you for your kind feedback. As you can tell from playing the game, I focused on the art and game feel. I might add more things in the future.

Thanks for the feedback (not just any regular feedback but a good one). I am impressed by the way you put the issues into words. I will be fixing these issues and hopefully, the game will get much better.

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I tried the game again. The game is much easier now. I have reached quite far. But still I kept on losing. Maybe, it's just me. It's either the knights or the moves getting zero.

When I enter fullscreen in WebGL, the display gets odd.

It happened with my game too. Solution: Use Canvas Scaler component. ;)

I tried it 6 times but couldn't complete the level.

Now, I see why no gifts mean game over. That's neat.

Thanks. Yeah, I myself fall into the pits so many times. Bad level design.

The game is nice. I liked the camera shake when the enemy dies. Art is just okay.

I didn't like how the enemies just fly over to you but the gifts that you throw hit the walls. That's unfair!

Apart from that, I couldn't play the again after losing. So, I have to restart the game which is not much of a problem.

A decent game. Somehow, the art reminds me of your game, Crypt Crafter. Everything looks and feels good. It seems to have more than what I could uncover and that is because I couldn't proceed in the game. I kept on losing again and again. Any tips to proceed?

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Thanks Casual Void! Yeah, the game is short and I couldn't get much time to make it feel more complete. I focused too much on quality and  the result is a very short game. However, I will make it complete after the jam.

I have already rated your game. It is a fun shooter game! The popups were annoying for me. But well, it seems to be a part of the game.

I just watched your stream. Yeah, it is filled with walking. But man, I am happy with the ratings. Thank you for playing my game in your stream. It meant a lot to me.

* (Reading this comment filled you with DETERMINATION) <3

Thanks Lucky Dice! I am glad that my game did it for you. I will be working on this game after the jam and make it even better.

Also, don't forget that you got a player waiting for your next game. ;)

Wow, this game is creepy. But that doesn't mean I disliked it. In fact, it is really good.

The idea is so well executed and the game felt deep. I like such kind of games more than anything. The kind of games that left some sort of imprint on your mind. The music played a great role.

To be honest, for this game jam, I wanted to make a game like that. If you see the tags on my game, one of them is 'horror' even though the game is not much related to horror.

From now on, as a game developer, I will try to listen to my game characters. xD

If possible, could you share links to your other horror games as well? Or is that your first one?

Welcome SayuGameDev! And thanks too. This game is based on exactly what you commented and I am very happy to know that my game did it for you. <3

This game is fun! The amount of camera shake is perfect along with the juicy sound effects. Keep it up!

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This game has very unique art. The visuals are impressive. The game mechanics is decent as well. The music matches well with the art. Overall the game feels satisfying. The only issue is that it took me sometime to get used to not using WASD keys.

The game feels so smooth and fun. I enjoyed it! I kept playing and playing.

The slow motion ability, the camera movements and the art. They really made the game awesome!

It felt like a crime that such a good game is devoid of sound effects.

This game has quality. And that is what we all want because in my opinion, quality is more important than quantity. For me, quality of a game means how appealing the game is, to the player.

Other than that, it matches absolutely fine with the theme and my experience with this game is pretty good.

I watched your game on yourBr0ther twitch steam. A fun game to play. The concept of adding features is really cool. It is similar to another game, 'Crypt Crafter'. That bouncy part is what makes the game truly challenging. But it could have been way better if you focused more on game art and animation. The visuals are good but they could have been much better.

The notebook style is damn too unique. It is such a new experience for me, to play with my own drawings. I would say that it is a perfect blend of creativity and gameplay. The levels are a little too tuff for me. Other than that, this game is simply cool in its own way.

There should be a warning poster saying that this game is way too addictive to handle! At least for me, it is the most addictive game in this jam. Seriously, my one precious hour just went nowhere.

I just ran the game again. This time, I am able to hear it. I don't know why there was no sound before.

OS: Windows 10 Pro Version 1803

Browser: Google Chrome Version 70.0.3538.67 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Your game has very nice pixel art. The colors have harmony. Unfortunately, I couldn't hear any sound or music in your game. It seems like you are trying to make the players experience what it's like to not have features and eventually have them in the game. A nice execution to a genuine idea!

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Thanks Anemoi. I was waiting for such a comment and you really gave me "butterflies in the stomach" feeling.

Thanks Forild. I tried to make it emotional and I am glad that it worked!

Everything seems top notch in this game. The smooth world along with good controls makes this game stand out. This game especially focuses on the player world interaction and is pretty tough for a casual guy like me to complete it. It does have some little issues. However, the experience is really good.