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Heyy, thanks! 😊


Thank you, casualdev! πŸ™‚

Haha, yess! Thanks bro. 😁

Hey, thank you, Neha! πŸ˜ƒ

Thank you, Sikandar. Your kind words means a lot to us! ☺

Thank you, Sufian. I don't think it would be a good idea to add air and (especially) insect sounds. But yeah, the world is definitely not interactive enough! 😊

Thank you, Mahnoor. We are glad that you liked it! πŸ˜„

Thanks! Me too... I would love to see more levels. Good thing is that the game says, To Be Continued in the end. πŸ˜ƒ

Thank you. And yes, Miles is really cute! πŸ˜€

Thanks! 😁

Thanks! 😁

Thanks! 😁

Thank you, Suffian. :D

Thanks a whole lot, Sofia. :D

Thank you! :)

Yeah, the art screens are so well done! I am assuming one of you is a med student xD Anyways, keep it up.

Hey, nice game! For your first game, this is really good. I couldn't complete it tho, very hard to reach the end. πŸ˜…

Decent mobile game base right there! I think colors could have been improved (they all look really similar which makes it really hard) and more variation could have been added. Other than that, very funky animations. Overall, good entry! 😁

Really nice game concept. I like the art style and the shooting mechanic BUT...

For some reason, when I shoot some of red guys, the game just removes the rest of the red guys and only the green guys keeps moving forever in the center. Nothing happens after that!

Very decent visuals and nice audio. It is a chilling game. A lot of work is done in building the 3D environment and animations as well. I think it would have been much better if the camera also rotates with the fox.

Really nice visuals! The game feels good. The only problem is that there could have been more in the game. But I can understand considering that my own game is very small as well. πŸ˜…

Hassa dala ais game ne 🀣 Fantastic entry! Very unique and relatable along with funny voice lines. My score: 875.

Nice sad story! The audio visual experience is also top notch. Overall decent entry BUT...

I think that there should be some emotional variations like first, happy and chilling, and then, sad. This usually works better than constantly keeping the sad vibes. I personally couldn't connect well with the character.

I got 20% depression thingy. And also, you might wanna remove test.mp3 from the folder. 😬

Decent concept and nice visuals! I think some variability in gameplay could have been added easily.

The button sound seems to be bugged and keeps repeating on pressing it. Good thing is that the player can disable sounds in the game.

Good game! There is no limit set to firing rate so, I just set my mouse to 3x clicks mode and keep shooting everywhere. 🀣Anyway, the art and animations are cute. Someone seems to be inspired by BlackThornProd. 😁

There's one problem tho... after sometime, there are no enemies and the game doesn't end at all.

Really cute game. I also liked the mechanics! You guys also focused on the details like balloon eyes towards the direction of movement and very neat balloon popping animation.

Yup, you are right! There should be more levels but we gotta respect the 60 hour time limit as well. πŸ™‚

Thank you, Nauman. I am glad that you liked it! 😁

Thank you for trying out the game. We are working on this issue, Abnessor.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, masterkeef42o. I am glad that there is no mouse issue with Firefox. We are working to fix the problems in the game and your feedback helped us understand one of the issues of the game.

Thank you for trying the game, masterkeef42o. We are trying to fix the problems in the game. Can you tell me which OS and browser are you using?

Thank you, Brian. I am glad that you liked the game. The game do have subtitles in the bottom right but they are not helpful enough. So, I also made a quick gameplay video for better help. :)

Nice little experience, you got there. I liked it! :D

Very cool game and nice aesthetics. Reminded me of the gameboy adv. game, Advance Wars. At first, I couldn't understand what to do. But after 1-2 minutes, it becomes fun especially when I get the laser beam robot.

Really fun game. Got into it and played till 6B floor even though I intended to just try the game. Very simple and accessible. Some sound effects are a bit painful to the ear. Also, it would be nice if there is a floor-stairs-unlocked indicator.

Thank you, Kornel! I think that the issue is fixed now.

Thanks snoutfroth! It gets more difficult after 10, probably because the red and green buttons start swapping their places randomly after that. I played your game. Force-yourself-to-be-random mechanism to beat your enemy is really cool! :D

Thank you for playing my game! :D

Thanks for playing the game and giving a nice feedback. :D

I hope that GDWC 2019 goes well. :)