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I need to get better at typing anyway. Why not using this?

Edit: oh god it’s fast.

Edit II: Who let dave make Mario Teaches typing into a rage game.

Ok, this entire game is amazing! Everything is so well written, and the art is so good!

While I'm writing this, I wanna ask the devs if they could include a save file transfer system, so I don't have to depend on my fallible human memory to make sure I keep playing on the same timeline I was on last update.

Please upload a Linux port. Judging by the fact that the project contains a Unity thing, porting should be easy.

Please make a Linux port

It seems that this has bean slowing down a bit and some words went unloged. The text is as follows.

Doxa. Fear. -- sample them -- --- our souls -- -------. And -- ----- looping; over and over ----... ---, no ----- can express the emptiness one feels When he realizes they are -------- Only - leap of faith builds happiness out of the void.

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2/45: Fear

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Doxa. fear -- ------ them -- --- our souls -- ------- And -- ----- looping over and over -------- ---- no ----- can express the emptiness --- feels When -- realises they are -------- only - leap of ----- builds happiness out of the void.

how to use tool?

ok, thx

lol unless I am forced to see NSFWs, I don't really care.

Can someone tell me how this game is unsettling? Like, on a scale of one to ten?

can you not call this person an idiot?

people like them are our best chance at figuring out Gaster.