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Well, I like to post source code since I think it would be great to help people out and maybe get feedback on my code in case I could improve it in some way. I think that I have a rock-solid state-handler and some interesting game mechanics. And apart from this game jam entry I have code for a Tetris clone and other stuff on my Bitbucket page if you explore.

I didn't see how to add the HTML version as well as the download versions. Seemed like it was either HTML or a download when I submitted.

Yeah, I should have spent a bit of time ordering the delivery of objects to make the player work to get a win. Kind of rushed to get it submitted since it is the first time to publish and do a game jam. Minimal implementation of what I originally thought up. Thanks for testing anyway!

Thanks I submitted my game :)

My goal is to see if I am capable of making an original game, and the short time frame is pushing me not to procrastinate.  So far, I have created something that looks like a game with the graphical components in place. Now I need to code the game play. Godd luck everybody!