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yessss this is what I’m trying to preach we NEED late game stuff so we’re nkt just building to keep the game fun

I really hope this game can extend its features so when you have the basics down and have everything researched you’re not just building to keep the game fun for yourself. I think it’s be awesome to add something like villages you could go to by using something like a compass and the game would only spawn the village if you have the compass obtained so you can’t find it randomly in the beginning stages of the game (just an idea.) things like this would make the game so much more fun because it gives me something to look forward to once I am getting toward the ending stages of the game! I am hoping for not just bug fixes, but NEW CONSISTANT GAMEPLAY CONTENT!!! 

The point of these survival games are to (survive obviously) but also make life more convenient for yourself. This game needs a higher level feature of using materials that you can create on your boat without having to wait to find islands and manually mine for scraps for your main tools and such. 

Hope this isn’t a game that never comes out with new content because I really like this game and I don’t want to get bored