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thank you for feedback, it is actualy all intended so that the player who practice more can find more "tricks"...

thank you for feedback!

nice design!

thank you for feedback !

nice controler!

nice job!

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Hi, thank you for feedback.
It is online multiplayer. It is a race game but to avoid waiting for other players there is no race start...

thank you for feedback, it is actualy a bit easy, i'm planning on adding more difficulty after rating period..

I'm going to play it 

nice job!


thank you, controls have been fully reworked  to get even better but not published yet

thank you!

Thanks, looking for 3d artist ;p

good job!

Thank you, glad you caught the vibe ;p

Nice game, made maths entertaining!

Thank you, there was a bug for vertical match 3 it has been corrected!

Thank you for feedback

Thank you!

nice concept, like the design, the universe, the controls,  and only regret is lack of music.

for the camera it is collision issue with the glass giving awkward start imo

Thank you for feedback.

interesting travel into void, i liked it!

thank you for feedback

you just need to download it on phone through, it is fast and easy! The gameplay is really Android oriented.

Roller Master community · Created a new topic What next?

What features add would you like to see?

sure, that happens...

i checked, i believe i found the error, i'll update it after rating period, thanks for feedback and sorry for the discomfort

strange, i'm checking this tomorrow

strange... did you try to close and reopen? yes multiplayer took most of my saturday really... thanks for feedback! yes i will update it soon ;)

thank you

you Can open several Windows to see the multiplayer or join with up to 19 Friends 🤣

thank you for feedback, i tried to keep it simple shaped.. 

it was a lot to study but now it is not so difficult, athough it is very simple, there's no lobby no room, it just connect all users into same level so far.. i'll work more on it After the rating period

thanks, yes it is multiplayer , it was me.. yes there is basicaly no gameplay yet

skateboarding feels good but it would be better with timer instead of insta-death.. let us practice a bit and hit obstacles would slow down... want play more and die less xD

i like the idea and i enjoyed my fight.. UI taking a bit too much space on the screen though

the bunny is awesome!! good job

thank you, yes but taking it easy...

i have a 2GHz Asus Laptop with 4GB memory and it is not lagging! have you considered it could be your connection?

nice music, jump mechanic is very interesting