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I have an account when I bought them I got steam keys for 3 of the games but queen of thieves wasn't one of them and neither were the others that I bought.

That option to get the steam seems to be missing entirely for most of the games you have at least for me.

Didn't get steam key for this and other games I just bought from you.

Totally understandable it was just a thought thanks for the reply.

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Thanks for the response I'm glad my comment was able to make you feel that way. That's good to hear looks like I'll have some weekend reading, I'll also be looking out for your next project. One more question if you don't mind heck you don't even have to respond to it. In the kickstater campaign for Lingering you didn't reach your last 2 stretch goals I was wondering if you thought about doing another campaign for them, then that got me wondering if you thought about doing one last big campaign that also included your past work as to include certain things you never got a chance to do the first time.

It's good that you're happy I'm happy for you. It sucks that you will never make another vn again some might say you could always do something more cheerful but that's not the point. If you don't mind me asking a question. What do you plan to do after Lingering is finished?

I can't download the demo