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Thanks for playing ( v.0.05 FINAL)
Great playthrough!

Thanks for playing Crowl!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you for playing and glad you enjoyed the game! You can click multiple times on interact-able items / NPC's. Also there is a secret in the opposite direction you went in the beginning of the demo. Cheers.

Really solid play through of my game Perdita! Thank you IGXL Insane Gaming XL for playing and for reaching out!

Thanks! I should give you a little hint, the key to the dinner room in Perdita spawns on one of the dolls in the old house after you activate the music box. Also the fishing room key is located in the bathroom on the ground near the cracked wood! Hope this helps so you don't get stuck! Looking forward to your video! Cheers.

Thanks for playing, I remember you from a long time ago. Hope you're doing good. This is only a "part" of Chapter 1, and as is there is not too much revealed in this demo, all chapters in the full game have unique mechanics etc. Anyway thanks for playing!

Just watched your playthrough! Thank you for playing and i am glad i could help you complete the game. A few cool things though, there are 3 secrets in the game, 2 relating to the story. If you look closely with your flashlight turned on against the mirror in the bathroom, you can see Julia and her her unborn child. You can also open windows by pressing E, and outside the window by the bathroom you can see the real body of Julia after she committed suicide. Now for the final secret, i see you enjoyed the mannequin room, now if you stay long enough inside the game, the one mannequin which head doesen't follow you will actually become alive and track your every movement and follow you around in the house. My next game is AKAI NOROI, a Asian / Japanese horror folklore inspired game, and is a lot more horrifying then my previous game, track development here if you want to, hope to release in around 1 month!

Hey thank you for playing! You should be able to fully look around and i haven't seen anyone have this issue. The key to the dinner room, spawns on one of the pinhead dolls inside the small house, after the event with the music box is triggered. Hope this helps you progress further! Cheers.

Once again, thank you so much for playing! AKAI NOROI is coming soon! approx 1 month!

Thank you for playing, glad you enjoyed the game and update! Didn't understand all video since I'm not Spanish! But i very much enjoyed watching your play through. Cheers! Be on the look out for my next game AKAI NOROI! Coming soon to Itch.

Hey thanks for playing, heard you said "they" I am a actually a solo dev! Glad you enjoyed the game! If you want to you can check out the Steam page for more information and in order to add the game to your wish-list! Cheers!

Thank you for playing, glad you enjoyed my game! This is only a short taste of what the game has to offer. Each chapter will bring unique mechanics and you will have the ability to influence the story and outcome also with multiple endings to the game.  You can add to wish-list here on Steam!
Thanks again!

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Patch + new content update v0.05 final now out!

Thanks for playing everyone! The final patch + major content update is now out, and i encourage you all to re-download or try the game! Thanks for all the support! *Reuploading build might take a while*!

Perdita Final Build v0.05 Is now live, featuring patch + major content update, new explore able area, explore the old wrecked house Julia and Charles used to live in before Charles built the main house!

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Thank you! Glad you enjoyed my game! I will keep you posted.  Each chapter will bring new mechanics to the table, and you will have the ability to influence the final ending depending on the choices you make and much more in the full game.
Add the game to wish-list on steam here if you want:

Thank you for playing, glad you enjoyed the game! Also i am glad to see a video of the latest version of the demo, i did a small patch. If you go to the left in the beginning you can find some secrets in the demo! Cheers! Add the game to wish-list on steam here if you want:

Thanks for playing glad you enjoyed my game and it's meaning. There will be multiple endings in the full game and you will have the ability to influence the story depending on your choices in the game.

Thanks for playing and glad you enjoyed the game. You can try download the game if you want again, since the version you played was a older one, i released a minor patch addressing all previous issues and added some more content and interactivity, furthermore all chapters in the game will introduce new unique mechanics. Thanks for checking out the game!

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Thanks for playing! Yeah i might do a little update soon. Honestly a strange bug, It's only that one spot that very rarely can throw you out of the map, but i just fixed the issue, and will be doing a update soon also altering some gameplay stuff. *EDIT* Update is out now, hope you will try the game again!

I am really glad you enjoyed the demo and you think so highly of my game! It is indeed a very personal project to me, and the game-play and stuff is unlike any other, i also intended to make it a game that touches people's heart and helps people. Thanks I certainly hope the game will be a success so far i have spent 2 years developing the game and i am 80% done. The game is very story rich, and there will be multiple endings in the full game depending on what choices the player makes and you will even have the ability to play other characters and experience different parts of the story from their point of view!
I hope you will add the full game to your wish-list on Steam! Thanks for playing!

Awesome! You can checkout Deep Rest, just released a demo here on Itch!, AKAI NOROI my Asian / Japanese horror folklore title is also coming to Itch in around 1 month! Thank you for your support, It means a lot!

Awesome! I actually just patched the game fixing all minor bugs and adding a bit more content! Thank you I will!

I've released a patch and re uploaded the game, all minor bugs, including the menu one you mentioned has been fixed, and some new content has been added as well. Check it out if you want

Thanks for playing and thank you for your feedback! All feedback matters to me! I have just released a patch addressing all minor bugs and fixed these including adding some more stuff in the demo. Cheers!

Thanks for playing glad you enjoyed the game. I might do a patch when i have some time to fix some bugs soon! In the meanwhile be on the look out for my other games in development and have fun!

I'm really glad you enjoyed the game and i enjoyed your play through! Thank you for your feedback, I will take this with me as i continue development and i really appreciate all feedback. You can change graphic quality when starting the game and on the small settings wheel in the main menu by the way, I've also added a skip all cut scenes button. The game can be added to wish-list here:

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Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed the game! This is only a part of Chapter 1 by the way, not the full chapter. The storytelling is a mixture of direct and also hidden and secret cryptic stuff and much more. I will add a skip all cut scenes button in the beginning ASAP! *Skip all cut scenes button now added* Thanks for your feedback and I'm glad you look forward to the full release! You can add the game to your wish-list on Steam here:

Thanks for playing, even though you didn't really get far, you should have read the hint in the beginning about checking the porch, the key to the dinner room is located behind the house there, also you should check behind the cracked wood in the bathroom for a key to the fishing room where you need gas to remove the arms / eyes at the stairs. Anyway the game has a lot of story and secrets and is actually based upon a real legend, sorry if you didn't enjoy it! Might not be everyone's cup of tea.

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Did you mean to drop a video link? Would love to see your play through. Anyway thanks for playing, and glad you enjoyed the game, thanks for the feedback as well! You can add game to your wish-list on Steam here! Cheers!

Thanks! I get a lot of referances to both Ori and Limbo for my game, but i promise the gameplay is completely different to those games, although i like those titles also! Cheers.

Awesome! It is called "Deep Rest" indeed.

Deadwood is the place inside the game that the different worlds revolve around! Cheers and thank you once again :)

Thank you, you can learn more about the the game and add to your wish-list on Steam here:

Yes the game is very atmospheric and thought provoking, each chapter will also bring unique mechanics. It has been compared to Ori and Limbo before look wise. But i promise Gameplay wise, my game is nothing like any of those games. Anyway thanks for playing and have a nice day! :)

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Thanks for the comment. It is very responsive and shouldn't be clunky at all in the chapter selection screen. You only need to hover over Chapter 1 in the chapter selection screen and then click on QUCKPLAY>, this demo only contains a part of Chapter 1, the rest is only available in the full version. Cheers, i hope you enjoy the game and look forward to your playthrough! *EDIT* added a description now in the top* Thank you for feedback.

Game page link:


Deep Rest is a psychological adventure horror game. With a deep focus on storytelling both direct, indirect & on unique features. Utilizing a point and click interact system. Combining aspects of different genres & innovative mechanics, such as time travel, drawing sigils & paranormal events. You shape the story, you have the ability to make dramatic changes.

You play a lost girl, which discovers her mother has gone into deep coma for unknown reasons. Upon discovering the horrific news, you decide to end you're own life. But when you wake up, you are faced with the purgatory world of Deadwood. Engulfed by the mysterious forest that keeps changing shape and form, you soon realize its a dead end. Overwhelmed by the journey, that challenges every emotion, life experience's & mental illness you suffer from. You encounter strange characters & entities, which you later get to decide the fate of. As you learn of your newfound time travel abilities in this world. Figure out why you are stuck here in a loop, solve the mystery of what really happened to your mother. Did you kill yourself for nothing?

Thanks for the nice words, and i enjoyed your play through! Besides stuff changing in some rooms the longer you stay in them, there is actually 3 more secrets in the game, one you almost found, in the bathroom if you shine your flashlight at the mirror you will see Julia and her unborn child. Also if you look closely and look up and zoom out the window in the bathroom you will see the real body of Julia hanging from a tree as detailed in the final journal. Finally the last secret is if you stay long enough in the game, a mannequin will become alive and follow and track your every movement. The game wasn't perfect, but i am glad you enjoyed it so much! For my next game everything will be better, and you will also have a horrifying AI to deal with. It is called AKAI NOROI, you can learn more about my next game here:


Thank you for playing my game! More games coming soon!

Thank you for playing, I very much enjoyed your play through! If you haven't already you can learn more about my next game AKAI NOROI here:
Also check out my main title "Deep Rest"
Coming later this year to Steam and you can already add to wish-list, also dropping a revamped free demo with a part of Chapter 1 soon here on Itch when "Deep Rest" page goes live. Thank you once again!

Thanks for playing. The key to progress upstairs is located inside the fishing room, and found in the crack in the wood inside the bathroom. Seems you had some glitch in the end, might look into this. Thanks.