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Haven't tested on chromebook as the games only for Windows. Sorry.

Thanks for playing, more games coming soon!

Thanks for playing, glad you managed to escape the deep underground cave system!

Thanks for playing, glad you found the game terrifying and enjoyed the experience!

Hello. You can manage keybindings by pressing escape > controls and selecting the fields you want to overwrite.

Thanks for playing!

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Thanks for playing TheNerdyNomad! Part 1 and 2!

There's also some hide spots available in the flooded water section in the end and many other places in the game but some are easier to find then others. Thanks for your feedback & for playing! 

Thanks for playing

Seems like you got lucky, the game has 10+ creatures + the boss like one in the end. Thanks for playing anyway.

Thanks for feedback and for playing as always and congratz on reaching the ending! Just wait till you see what i have in store next! (Hint: going back to my photorealism ways for next project )


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*EDIT* Cavephobia Full Game HD Cam Remake is now out!

Thanks glad you enjoy it. Well it is intended and a part of my style with the game but what i was thinking about was maybe doing a HD CAM Version ( imagine a newer camera etc ) So it would still make sense story wise. Thanks for the suggestion though.

As always thanks for playing!

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*EDIT* Check latest balance update
Thanks for playing and thanks for your feedback! I'll look into that also remember you can save manually from pause menu so you don't have to rely only on auto, btw the reason there isn't much lore this time around is i focused only on survival horror this time, you do have a navigational compass / coordinates and the different colored glow sticks you can find ( which are from previous explorers who didn't make it ), also there is only 1 ending. None the less, your feedback is very helpful so thanks again! ( Try looking for a chain down in the maze like statue / spore area to progress ).

Thanks for playing you we're pretty close to figuring it out, in the maze like room with the spores and statues you need to find a chain going down deeper below, nice job finding the secret mayan temple room. Hope you make it out and have fun!

Glad I could inspire other developers.

Thanks! you can follow me on Twitter for updates on CATACOMBIA

Thanks for playing, oh there is music later down below, I wanted to focus on the atmospheric sounds mostly. Cheers

Medium / Decent PC.
You can adjust quality settings inside the game through ESC > Options.

Thanks much appreciated!

Haha glad to provide the hellish entertainment, have fun and hope you manage to make it out!

That was a glitch indeed, seemed due to the floor changing level / the exact moment you stood up, interesting, at least you didn't fall through anything. Anyway thanks for playing glad you enjoyed, hope you make it out for real!

Thanks for playing Max Horror!

Thanks for checking out the game!

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Thanks for playing! Yeah Ive put a lot of work into the environment and mechanics. It is a bit hard but like you said thats part of the design, you do have a compass and some navigational coordinates, the idea is to use the different glow sticks you find to mark areas etc. Btw the map is a lot bigger then what you've explored so far and there is actually 10 variants of monsters including a boss deep below and ofc many other dangers. Hope you manage to make it to the end cutscene. Cheers! Have fun :)

Cavephobia is now released on Itch! Download the full game here:

Story ⚫

Lost within a deep underground cave system you come to realize you are not entirely alone, a strange poisonous spore-like infestation has taken over the cave system's depths and is slowly transforming all living organisms in it's path. Now you must survive and find a way out of the claustrophobic disorienting cave system before whatever lurks in the shadows finds you.

⚫ Cavephobia is a 90s VHS Found Footage Survival Horror title with focus on realistic situations, claustrophobia, speluncaphobia and a deep atmosphere.

"Cavephobia also known as speluncaphobia"

Watch Trailer:

Sorry but you don't make much sense. I said perhaps consider changing your rating of course only if you intended to actually try out the game ie: I am not directly asking you to do so. But what you wrote in your review does not reflect the current state of the game and I simply wanted you to be informed of the update / fix so you could perhaps check it out, not trying to be rude at all. But maybe you should consider that instantly leaving a 0/5 rating on a game you havent even played, only because you dont want to pull out your usb plug to your controller... Could also be considered a bit strange to a dev. None the less I intend to add functionality to switch manually instead of automatic in the future but at this moment this is how things are. Anyway thanks for your feedback and do as you please cheers.

Thanks for playing Melty!

It was right next to the key behind the door, guess you missed it after you opened it, might do a little update sometime, yeah theres a locker you can hide in.

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Thanks for playing, It wasn't a bug but the key card is a bit too hard to see, it was actually right next to the key you picked up in the doctor level, there is also another ending you can get by replaying and going down the other train track. Regardless thanks for playing glad you had fun!

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Thanks for playing glad you enjoyed! There's another ending if you go down the opposite traintrack. Cheers

Thanks for playing ssjustin!

Thanks 8-BitRyan for including Last Stop Station 66 as part of your Three Random Games playthrough!

Thanks for playing ezez game!

Thanks for playing  Slawek!

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Sorry for any inconvenience this caused!

*Updated description for Controllers*

Now Supports PS4 / XBOXONE Controller, connect before executing the game and it will auto detect input at launch, due to auto detection you must disconnect controller before launching if you want keyboard&mouse.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing B-Lew!

Thanks for playing HotLettuceTV!

Thanks for playing OGRecipe!

Thanks for playing Matchu!