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To be compared to Sam and Max is one of the greatest compliments one can get, thanks <3<3

Cute game, and funny dialogues, thanks for that!

Interesting game! I found it hard to play but I am so bad with this mechanics.

wow, thanks Festus, such a nice feedback <3

Thanks! After this period of testing we well consider allowing Nick to walk faster yo make the game more fast paced. Thanks for the feedback :)

that's great! Some people had some troubles with a couple of puzzles but we didn't want to make it easier because there has to be a challenge after all.

thanks for your comment, it makes me so happy <3

Thanks! We added the gun section to have two types of gameplay and give the player some variety. Working in this noir atmosphere was too fun.

thanks so much! 

hi Dave, thanks! We really worked very hard the full two weeks to make a game with plenty of content. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

yes I have them!

I am so happy that you enjoyed it <3 I havent watch Zootopia in a million years but now I must. We didnt have it in mind when making the game but we actually considered the posibility of making the characters animals.

Thanks so much! <3

Thanks so much! I am glad you enjoyed it <3<3

I cannot enter it! I put the eye on the left statue and the book on the right one, the entrance opened but I cannot enter and when clicking on the statues it seems that the book and the eye are not there anymore. Maybe i am doing something wrong!

Thanks so much for playing!! Its so nice to hear such great feedback <3

this game is beautiful and so submersive, great job!

Such a cute design and fun story!

very cool aesthetics and music

hey Andaroo, thanks so much for playing the game. We enjoyed so much working on this project and its so motivating to read nice comments. If you are stuck you can join the discord channel listed in the description for hints, I really recommend you to do it so you can see the next action scenes.

Really creepy and fun atmosphere, I got stuck at the end when opening the Altar Though.