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Did not you recognize me??

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Awesome work! I really loved this game! But where is the link to the Ludum Dare Page... I want to rate it there!

I loved to play this game. Will this game be more expanded or is it the complete version?

Thank you for your feedback! I did not include any score system or power-ups intentionally to see the reaction of people about this game without any of the 'ornaments' of the game.

Really a cool game Wellzitu

The music was nice but the controls, especially the jump did not seem too well. Sometimes I could not notice why did I die..

The replay button is not disappearing from the screen, I'm in windows 64 bit and downloaded the game to play. The concept is good, but I could not enjoy the game just for the presence of replay button in the middle of the screen!

Nice concept to work with. The meteors if had animation then it would be a fun experience. The game lacked some sound effects. It would be more complete if there were chances for upgrading the gun. Overall the game was a good one.

The concept is unique, It was a fun experience for me. The only thing I would like to say is that if the controls were a little bit smoother then the experience will be more fun. If there were some challenges, or high scores, or something that makes the player engaged would make the game more complete. Overall it is a nice game to play for passing time! 

Here is my progress

The game would become even better with procedural generation. Overall it was a fun experience to play this game..

Nice game indeed! had really fun while playing it...

Thank your for your feedback... when creating the final build I found that problem of enemies clogging and I am trying to have a solution...

Thank you for your feedback. Just for clarity I had a .zip file uploaded...

The fact is that I am changing that windows popup to a nice looking panel ....

I loved the game very much and I want to see this prototype to turn into a real game..

Thank you for your comments and feedback.

Thank you for your feedback... I will try to generate more melodious sound... Soothing to ear..

Thank you for your honest feedback...

If we make a better version of this game we will try to look into the points you told...

The most weird game i think I've ever played

The Sound Is awesome... You still have 3 days left.. Make the shop a bit more nice...

Add a main menu.

Make the jump a bit polished... its too annoying.

The game was nice. I loved the movements of the character. The game was fun to play.

It would be more nice if a main menu and a pause menu are added.