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<the game="" is="" wonderful!<="" span="">

First, I'm Brazilian and my English is not the best, but I want to leave my comment on the game ...

<the game="" is="" wonderful!<="" span="">The game is wonderful!</the>

<the game="" is="" wonderful!<="" span="">The art of the characters was wonderful and well detailed as well as their
personalities, which is worth emphasizing, they were very dynamic and
human.</the> The storyline is well built which made it intriguing and interesting! Quite different from the games I've played. The
scenarios (one of the main things I liked) are divine, each environment
is well designed, often the ambience is kind of left out in some games.
I loved the game '' dictionary'' , I thought it was cool! You
have created a well-constructed and complex world and I will tell you:
This story would make a great bestseller! This is not a simple story of a
teenage couple cliche! The story has a context! It should turn out to be a book!

I'm crazy waiting for the game! The plot made me curious and I have already created my theories about some things!

Forgive me if I made a mistake in English, as I said I'm not very good with English.