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Axsajim Reyes

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I'm very glad you, specially, like it. Thank you so much.

Hello, I would love to get in touch with you, I have been looking for a way to contact you but all your accounts seems to be abandoned... In Project1, RPG Maker Forum and "here". Well, this is the most recent site you use to connect, if you have a discord please add me, i'm Axsajim#5553

Yep yep yep!

Hello there!

I am working on a Interactive Virtual Museum for share indie devs/artist/musician works!

I'm just looking for people with artistic/cultural projects to share them works. So if you're interesed, mail me to:

More info in:

You need to hire a UX/UI Designer, the interface is weird! @~@

I'm waiting for your next game! >n<

This remember me Don't Starve and a bit of Neverending nightmares

I gonna cry, i try to play this game in my PC with Windows 32x and can run... Really only exist 64x version? :'( 

I love you <3 

That's sounds very good! 

Hi! I want to talk with you... but... some contact?

''Quit the game with ''Alt+F4''

Best control, Best person.

Todos haciendo gameplays y yo pues, aqui, disfrutando el juego.

PD: Gracias por hacer un buen Battlefield para pobres :'v