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Hello there!

I am working on a Interactive Virtual Museum for share indie devs/artist/musician works!

I'm just looking for people with artistic/cultural projects to share them works. So if you're interesed, mail me to:

More info in:

You need to hire a UX/UI Designer, the interface is weird! @~@

I love you Strangethink! <3 I don't have words to express all the feelings in my hearth to your products <3

I'm from Venezuela :D Greetings!

I'm waiting for your next game! >n<

This remember me Don't Starve and a bit of Neverending nightmares

I gonna cry, i try to play this game in my PC with Windows 32x and can run... Really only exist 64x version? :'( 

I love you <3 

That's sounds very good! 

Hi! I want to talk with you... but... some contact?

''Quit the game with ''Alt+F4''

Best control, Best person.

Todos haciendo gameplays y yo pues, aqui, disfrutando el juego.

PD: Gracias por hacer un buen Battlefield para pobres :'v