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Wow amazing work! I bought them all. Can't wait to put them in my game!

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Stuck in the Deep

Stuck in the Deep is a space themed game where you are trapped in wormhole space and your objective is to escape back to the regular universe.

Are you ready to venture through a network of interconnected wormhole systems?

You can check out the game here:

Feedback is always appreciated!

Wow glad you liked it!

You need checkpoints and the swinging mechanic is a bit clunky, but other that that, good work!

Xs on the map are signatures. They can be wormholes, asteroids or easter eggs. By warping to a wormhole and then clicking on it you will go through to a different system with new signatures.

Yeah I guess it's more of a maze game than real exploration as there's not much to explore except three easter eggs. I probably should have added more to explore.

Did you enter the wormholes?

So simple yet so fun.

Beautiful, I can only do the first level though because I get a fatal error after that.

I got lost and didn't know where to go, but it was probably my fault. Very nice!

Very nice theme going on with a very interesting concept for a puzzle game.