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very nice game, I really like it! all thumbs up.

Thanks for your response. I know pico-8, but I find it to limited. I use 320 x 256 pixel for my game resolution (Amiga like, 4:3 ratio), but I don´t limit myself with the color depth (the Amiga ECS series had 32 colors at maximum), same for the audio stuff. I like the BlitzMAX programming language. Some people are the opinion it´s too old, but it´s a very nice programming language with object oriented features. I like to have the control at my programming. Some little OOP feature helps to make things easier:) Aseprite is a very cool graphics program, I like it very much. Happy coding, pixeling and music composing. cheers !!!!

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Hi! I started yesterday with my game for the first game jam. It´s my first game jam:) I hope that I finish some playable and enjoyable stuff in less than  a week. I planned to make  a game in LUA with Love2D, but I rejected the thought again. I use BlitzMAX for my programming, ASEPRITE for the graphics and Renoise to compose the music and record some sound-effects. I love the old amiga games and I want to make a breakout game in that style. I started programming on the amiga home computer and it´s my passion in my sparetime nowadays. So lets have fun .... My progress in one day: basic game logic, a useable built-in leveleditor, some graphics done.

Hi rcbasicfans, I added a new project to my itch account with the BlitzMAX source code of my TILED-MapEditor TMX-Loader. It´s a simple approach and need some further additions. But the basics are working fine. I wrote this class for my puzzle game project. Greetings AXGS  P.S. rare comments in the source code are in german, because my native language is german.

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Really great tool for editing tile maps. I work on my current project and I use TILED for creating my level maps (3 tile layers and 1 object layer).  Very intuitive user interface, pure fun to design tiled based levels. This editor should be the 1st choice! I wrote a my own TMX-file loader in BLITZMAX for loading and rendering tile maps.

best greetings