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cool video


thanks :3

i finish it thanks to the long explanation in the details thaks

there are some bugs like enter 2 times to the same task by pressing space 2 times or going to the same task 2 times

ow i finish it weird game with weird end

is not in theme

I dont understand this game pls post something to help people to understand the game

too complex for a brainless person

Why lasso .What is lasso?

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I don't understand this game.

How i play? what i have to do? how i enter to a puzzle?where is the theme?

I can fall sleep with this it needs sound better graphics and thousands of things more.

You should go to a tutorial channel to learn how to do a gud game.

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Cool game but you should say something about the box physics and i dont know how to beat the dragon

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a interesting but what i am suppose to do in this game??

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put the play in broser option pls

and where is the theme???

is a good game but it is boring when you play a while

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where is the time loop?

how i pass the second trap???

Put a linux version pls

why i'm slow as a snail? and I can go through the buildings

good game but bad inputs. How this works???

looks good but i cant pay :(

but you need money

theme for this jam was "goal is to die" (i think)

just an "a"


Story-line? where is it???

i didn't see that

Cool now the people can test your assets

Ahhhh now makes sense

its not history is the history text that is before the gameplay and i know that its not a bug but the mechanic don't have sense you can just go flying through the levels and you can get buged on walls and its annoying

this is a remixed game like I said up

is a remixed griffpach project he just changed the graphics

u literally copied a Griffpach game we made our game using a tutorial not remixing a game from scratch like u

hehehe you use the sin or cos function for the death button

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controls are too hard its uncontrollable

sorry for the extra comments the website was bug

it have a good art and is in the theme its even original but the gameplay its not as good as the other things

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ok dash but the main objective its not clear how I die?

there is a bug (i think) with the flying hability  you can reach the blue lamp before getting all the deaths

200 hours later u finished the game

IwannaDie community · Created a new topic Made in abyss???

Like a fan of the anime I can say that Mitty is not a cat and the abyss don't look like a office and it have ñe graffics but the physics of the game are gud