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[Appreciation + BUG]

Awesome game and story... I hope you finish the game. *patiently waits*

BTW, I found a BUG. It could be seen at 1min 30 seconds into the video.

During combat the dealt cards get replaced by white boxes. No art.

I know that feel. A year ago I used to experience games by just watching videos on YouTube. Good luck!

Hmm, make sure at least have those.

for some reason it doesn't run properly on minimum specs.

Following is recommend specs:

  • OS: Win 10
  • Processor: i7
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GTX940M+
  • DirectX: Version 11

This game is very processor intensive. Maybe by the time game gets out of alpha it will be much more optimized.

My Time At Portia Lag Fix:
You need to set your graphics card setting for this game to 'High End Graphic Card' because this game initially associated itself with the integrated graphic card.

For Nvidia users: Open Nvidea control panel by right clicking on Desktop. Then select 'Manage 3D settings' from the task bar. Go to Program Settings tab and choose My Time At Portia in the drop down list under 'Select a program to customize'. If it is not already there, then click Add and browse to its location. 
After that, select 'High-performance NVIDIA processor' in the drop down list under '2. Select the preferred graphics processor for this program:'

Voila! That's it.

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AND I thought good gamedevs were dead! This is fantastic! I have been waiting so long for this game! Still waiting for the full game.... #hype

backed this thing to greatness!

The soundtrack does it for me...