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I really love how the game was created.  Also, the stages of "development" would help out alot on my game, or others games, for they tell you exactly what you're ascending to, and then to look at the outcome, see what the optimization has done to your project.   I'm not sure if I can see anything to be improved. Well I actually think you should add more enemies in the final project. Overall, the game is awsome!  It's addicting as well as informal.

Best Regards, Awi  

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Great game! The particle effects when you kill things are an awsome addition, and the upgrade mechanic gives a whole new layer of the game. Once I started playing, I continued for about 24 minutes. Only one suggestion, mabye add some more enemies and if there already is, where are they?

Overall, the game is awsome! I'm exited for what you come up with next.

Too bad I missed most of the jam. I'm sure I'll be there for the next one.

I could play this all day! It's very satisfying to kill everything!

Love it! The difficulty caught me off guard, I'm still stuck on the fourth level.

Stay Strong!