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i didnt say i was stupid i said YOU were stupid

it looks like someone copied this game from 2012 and said its from 2020 and  made it $100.00

its called snip and sketch now

if u wanna still have it open, press windows and go to another tab.

game very glichey

didnt work

ima take a snip

I know why is everything but the clouds blocks?

get the game file


follow my instructions exactly then you got it

hey how did u get screenshots

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the game tests like crap

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ok so to get it to run, first click download. then, open the file. after that, click "Minecraft clone" something should pop up. then click "extract files". when its done, re open it. click on "Minecraft clone" again. then it should run.

got it running 

how do  play any downloaded files

this is really fun

i cant play it

how do i get a model in???

its in development