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I wasn't aware my Steam profile was removed from my personal page. Or maybe I just didn't do it right.

Anyways, if you'd like to talk about claiming your prize, you can add my personal account here -


I'll obviously need proof that you did indeed create the project, and then we'll work out distributing the prizes to you and your team.

Created a new topic Good work everyone!

Well, the jam's over. Now all that's left is a week for voting on the entries, and then the winners will be chosen, and prizes will be given out.

I'd like to thank everyone for participating in the first X-Jam, I hope you had fun, and maybe even learned a little bit.

Until next time, everyone! :)

Looks like we're already 1 week into the jam!

I hope you're all doing good in your projects, and are having fun.

If you're feeling good about how your project is coming along. You can post your progress here!

You don't have to show off your work if you don't want to, by all means, keep it a surprise until the end.

Sure, go ahead. Just as long as you do have their consent/permission.

You're free to use a library, go ahead.

Posted in Rules question

Of course. The only thing that you should truly do yourself, is the programming aspect.

Good luck!

For any of you last-minute team builders, you can use this thread to post a little about yourself, in hopes of teaming up to win the big prize.

I recently started a jam of my own around 2 days ago.

It's starting in 10 days, but it's not showing up on the main game jam page, there's ones on there that start in "months" and yet mine isn't showing?

Are the featured jams just that, featured and hand chosen by the staff? How can I get mine to show?