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It really all depends on what people use it for. I was going for a recreation of a robot from Battlebots and the disk was too big. I do think the different sizes would work. Making our own shapes would work too once we can easily make circles. But I can't complain much given how far this game has already gone in just the open alpha. Keep up the great work!

I really love the game so far. I have high hopes for it. I do have a few issues when playing

  • Ballerina overheats quickly while other robots like Theseus barely gives off any heat
  • In robot creation, I can barely seem to get a robot moving. And when I do, it always drives off to one side

A few suggestions I have

  • Try adding more than just a KO win. Having a damage point system and a time limit would make it a lot more exciting for robots that can't seem to hit with their weapons. Adding more bot durability for longer fights would also be fun.
  • Allow the resizing of weapons in the bot lab. The current flywheel is too big and can't be used properly

I'm looking forward to see what this game has to offer in the future.