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I'm going to stream me making my entry over on my Twitch.TV channel!

Click here to go to my channel! Starts Friday 8pm EST!

Hey, can you port it to linux? I'm on Ubuntu and want to play this so badly!

Oh yeah... Didn't see that!

Made in 10 minutes!

Also maybe difficulties first.

I will update it eventually. (With multiple wands, story mode, and also saving)

It should just work in the browser. (if Flash is installed correctly) I've checked and it's a SWF and also Public.

It seems like it's basically impossible here.

Enjoy! Made in 30 minutes!


Hello everyone! The comic is released 30th April! First week buyers who paid 25$ or more will also get a free key to Skylanders World!

Hello everyone,

I want to see some entries! Not people, entries! So please if you're just joining to join, not participate, I recommend you leave NOW. Otherwise start work on your entry!