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Loved what I saw so far, but is this still in development? It looks like you didn't hit the Kickstarter goal and I'm just wondering - if it is my one pointer would be that the skull pattern and quill icon on the text box are a little distracting on the eyes, but other than that everything looks great so far 

The car responds to the WASD controls, but I won't say that they're specifically controlling the vehicle: it's more of a very vague suggestion as to the direction, because the car is constantly being thrown every which way regardless. Even when the game first starts, if no keys are pressed, the car sometimes just bounces and glitches so hard by default that it ends up somewhere else nearby. If it really is the 30 fps problem, then that would help - it seems to be more of a physics problem then a steering one, but it's kind of hard to tell when you have so little control. 

I'll be honest in that the game in its current state is unplayable - there seems to be a glitch or problem in the physics that gives the player almost no control over the car whatsoever; but the art, sound design, tone, and (if fixed) gameplay all seem cohesive enough to build a good work from, it just needs to be one the player can actually play: I'd love to see an updated version where the control issues are fixed, because other than the inability to play I very much liked everything else

Very well done; if I were to give a single critique, I'd say the bush at the end of the road/path is difficult to find because nothing sets it apart from the rest of the forest: maybe a further hint, so players don't just walk by it without noticing? Other than that, a very faithful homage (I watched the movie after this recommendation, thank you), and a good work in general; I'd love to see more - I actually think at times the work stands on its own or surpasses the original film (which I found to be especially lacking in the second half, where yours greatly succeeds).

Excellent art design: both background, character, and monster. Lacking in mechanics, however: character seems sluggish and slow (both in terms of travel and gun speed); 'E to Interact' should also be taught when Shift and Click for gun controls are taught at the sign, or at least explained in a READ ME file. Monsters seemed overpowered: 5+ shots seems extensive when accounting for the reload lag. Would love to see this as a finished game, however; great potential and again, phenomenal art

Oh, nice; this is my favorite work of yours - I wrote an article about it

Really short, but I loved it; I can definitely see this being turned into a larger game. It might just be me but something about the music and ship interior felt really claustrophobic, especially when the Pilot thinks about how she could get decommissioned. The Double procedure's original purpose, too, reminds of the Voight-Kampff test from Blade Runner, except that it's 24/7, inside your head, and done by a Double who can perfectly read you, and that could all be expanded upon to become something amazing.

You're not supposed to be able to jump; if you head forwards from the car you come to an overpass with a streetlight on the left and gate on the right. The gate is closed until you near the streetlight, at which point the sky gets darker and the gate opens - then you can explore the surrounding areas.

Very nice; reminded me a lot of We Know the Devil

Not sure if the Post-Jam fix helped on Windows; it won't recognize the Keep Ridin' Bitches stencil as complete, so I can't go on from there. Other than that it's great and I'd love to come back and play a fixed version

If the billboard says 'write,' you tab to type a message. 

If you get a billboard that says 'Password:[something],' then you have to take 100 parcels/discs to the red door to open it. It takes you to a platform with a computer and the password is used to extinguish all other life in your universe (every player has their own - the rain/bottles are interdimensional)

Ludophiles has a full playthrough of the game; if you get 100 parcels/discs then you can open the red door and it takes you to a platform with a computer. The password is used to extinguish all other life in your universe (every player has their own - the rain/bottles are interdimensional)