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That's high praise.

I think it's the level. Just a square doesn't speak much to the finished part. Maybe if that would also change from playthrough to playthrough. But hey, a jam game is a jam game.))

Very pretty. Properly absurd.

The tutorial from hell. Respect.

This was quite a trip. The warning is very apt.

I'll return tomorrow to get past the whole naming thing.

This feels like a Dog Airport Game with a vengeance. Good job. Great soundtrack!

I found items. I'm pretty sure I also found poison. I'm pretty sure I thought 'twas potion.

The fact that I can't use the wand is brilliant. And the whole game is just drop dead grogeous.

This is just beautiful.

I just love this game's whole deal. I second the download version idea just so the game actually quits on me)

the textures moved and made me do it

Thank you so much for playing it! I'm glad you had a good time.

Super late to do an actual launch post. But hey a week late is better than never.

Duck Date is out!

It's an absurd tragicomedy about a horrible date with a duck. Features death, war crimes, time travel and a tough accent.

Takes 30 minutes to beat, and will leave you dissatisfied in the best way.

Additionally there is a build with vowels in case the lack of them is not the way you want to experience. To give the usual build a try first, though.

My pleasure! And the head covering the lines is just the next level of alienating of the text, I'll take a note of that for the next game) Thanks for playing and recording!

Wow! This is like playing Scanners. Can't wait to give it a spin!

Thank you! It means a lot)

The most unsettling Tetris I've seen. And I'm Russian, they all are unsettling to me.

And now your suffering is immortalized.

Thank you so much! Glad you liked it.

Hey everyone!

I'm happy to say that Baby Labor is out and ready for the players.

It's a workplace tragedy where you have to hire a baby and absolutely unreasonably pay for it.

The format of interaction is that of interactive fiction with 3d supplementary imagery.

This game is part of my thesis on absurd games for my second master's. As such it is experimental and probably doesn't align well with trad gameplay. However, I'm pleased with this one and you can yell at your boss for being unreasonable.

Play it here!

Oh wow FPS really tanked for you.

That was fun! The knights are quite annoying but once I got the hang of controls I killed them in no time.

The art is absolutely amazing!

Nice Modern (Setting-wise) Castlevania! 

Very neat! Got me all nostalgic for good old games for sure!

Oh wow! Level design here is top notch. I never felt lost or anything. Good job.

I liked this. I couldn't track what I needed to do in the labyrinth, but once I stumbled on the meadow I just wanted to check what else is there. Also, was that a gun?

Reminded me of the short film Cargo. I recommend translating the itch page in English. There is nothing but the page stopping people from enjoying the story. Good work.

It's super cute!

Great idea and nice execution!

Very nice concept and look! Hair crisis visuals are also great! Good job!

So lovely and peaceful! I built my lake in the clouds! 

Very cute game. Needs a bit more safeguards for physics. One of the toasts didn't fly off (got jammed) and I couldn't finish the game without restart.

Nicely done. Main character is absolutely adorable. I was a bit confused about the end goal and where I should run in the first two levels.

Looks great and you managed to put a bunch of mechanics there! Good job. I wish there were more levels and the message about wasting my time was a little bit uncalled for.

I love the concept and good job on making a working platformer in a weekend. I wished there was a difference between shapes and the control layout was a bit all over the keaboard. maybe shape switching closer to jump?

This is beautiful and plays decently. Good job for a weekend! 

That's a lot of art for a weekend. Great job and a lovely chill city builder!