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Hello! This was absolutely amazing! I loved the concept! Thank you so much for making this game.

I tried to do the embedded but it didn't work right, so I just put the link in. Thank you again and I look forward to whatever you come up with next! :)

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Hello again! I played SleepThrough and it was just amazing! I've read the comments you've left for others who have played and made videos and I definitely took away something completely different from the game. I guess I didn't quite put the pieces together like others have, but I certainly didn't enjoy it any less! (And reading the comments afterward, I can definitely understand the game better.)

Hello hello! This was a truly wonderful experience! I love the style and the gameplay was very fun! I've recorded my gameplay through the Demo and I've shared it on Youtube to help spread the word. I look forward to a full game release and seeing Her story in full. I'll definitely be watching for it! :D

I will definitely play it again with the update to celebrate it going up on Steam. :D

Hello! I played your game and I thought it was really good! I really enjoyed playing it and even recorded it. I played it twice because I got one ending and wanted to try for another ending, but I'm wondering is there only one ending? When I tried to follow directions doing the correct thing didn't end up doing anything. The game ended up crashing shortly after, so I just figured maybe there was only one ending. Either way, here is the video if you're interested. Great job and I hope you make more games in the future!

Thanks for the suggestion! I'm definitely going to take a look!

This was amazing! After I beat it once and got the message that I missed things, I had to replay it and record it! It's up on my channel now:

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This was an exciting experience! I recorded it and I didn't get the right path the first go. I definitely think the next round after the first, when you realize you made a mistake, makes the following go much more exciting.

Here's a link if you're at all interested. Thank you so much for this game!