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The game stuck and restarted again in  a similar situation. Is it because my animal is mating and collecting DNA too much? I done it like 6 times after the chain was maxed.

Hey, great game, but there are some annoying  bugs. First, there was a blackout during gameplay. After playing for a few minutes, eating into a frog and had a quite compete DNA chain, everything suddenly go black except the "pause" button. The game restarts after clicking the "pause" button then click the same button to continue playing.

Also, the fainted body of another animal kills while you jump on its head. I understand a dead beetle head still stabs, but it's kinda wierd with bat head. It also happens while you jump and make contact with a falling fainted bat's body in midair. Also, sometimes while my animal jumps on another moving animal's back, the two animal lay dead at the same time.

Thanks for such a fun game and good luck.