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I just love this pack so so much, honestly my favorite asset pack on all of Itch

These screenshots look amazing! Keep up the great work!

Very fun game, would love to see what it could turn into with some polish. And the levels are smartly laid out

Very very cool idea for the theme and game concept. The art is also very well done and I like how you animated the background

Very good lil game, great job with the lighting and vibe. Some more enemy variety would be nice but I assume that was more due to time constraints.

Love it!! Will work perfectly for a game jam I am taking part in! Thanks so much!

WOW these are amazing!

Would love to see more characters added to the pack. And maybe a animation for climbing the ladder for the knight

This was really moving, you did such a good job with the art. My only note would be to use a easier to read font.

Really fun mechanic and interesting puzzles. Felt a bit unfair that one hit sends you back to Level 1. But great job

Great job all round, really enjoyed it

Love how you put the sound and visuals together great job, felt very epic!

Nice little game and the cat looks really cool

What a clever and visually stunning game. You really did a great job. Definitely coming back to finish it!

Those chickens look so cool, great job and making the game. It’s really fun and well made

Controls are a bit hard, but well done getting everything in. The chef characters look really cool as well.

Controls are a bit hard, but well done getting everything in. The chef characters look really cool as well.

Very fun challenge, good job

Now I really miss having having my aquarium and fish. Really relaxing and a smart move to combine the chilled fish sim with those tycoon type games. Fish are a bit small though, but great job!

Wow what a well polished game, very very well done.

Everyday I’m shoveling! My favorite thing is to go small then launch up and drop a giant shovel back down. Felt really cool. Maybe just add a max speed when the shovel gets really small it’s a bit hard to track.

It takes a while to get the hang of the controls but when you do it’s really fun and the bit of unpredictability makes it even more fun! Great job!

That dash mechanic is really so cool and works so well. Great job!!

It just needs a little bit of polish, but really fun and relaxing. Such a nice vibe

Great job! Was really fun. I like the penguin ;)

Really really liked how you did the lighting with the skulls

Controlling both as one person was a challenge but with a friend this would be great!

Really well put together game, was fun playing it

In gDevelop you should be able to set a custom collision mask. I can help you out if you want?

Cute and simple game :)

Great visuals!! Can easily see this grow into a full fledge game. Great job! Lining up that perfect chicken throw is so satisfying

That squash and stretch is so good! Such a fun game

The atmosphere you created is great, just check Sally’s collision box coz she can float on the edges. But really keen to see the full version

UI was a bit confusing but I like the concept.

Nice art, just needs animations. The sheep are dachshund are so so cute as well

SO so much game juice!! It was great!!

Very cute game, music, sounds and graphics all go so well together. You did a great job!

Well implemented puzzles, that last level caught me out for a bit. Well done!

Really dig the art style! Was a fun game

Great art and a cool story. Character movement felt really good as well. Great job!

Such great art and the quiz part caught me off guard, great twist. Was really fun experience