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Hiya! I decided to play your game and record me doing it, and I have to say I absolutely love the entire thing! Thank you for making this game!

ps- Max did a great job on the music

Hiya, I played your game on my channel! I played the earlier version of this game a while back and loved it, so I wanted to play this one !

Hiya! I played your game!

Hiya! I played your game on my channel! I really liked this game, it was a nice nad fun game to play!

This game was amazing, I really enjoyed it. The whole feel of the game was very creepy and dreadful. also, I made a video of me playing it!

Hiya I played your game, the game mechanics and art style made the game feel very wholesome and enjoyable. It was a very good experiance.

I made a video of me playing it, but the commentary was overall bad and lackluster, I wish I could've stepped up to game's enjoyability just a bit. Mabye I'm a bit critical on myself but I didn't feel like I presented the game as well as I wanted to, but here it is anyway.

Hiya, I really enjoyed your game, also, the cubic art style was really pleasing to the eyes.

Hope you don't mind if I made a video on it! P.S. - Wish I could've gotten to the 400 mark.

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No, thank you for making a free game! ( and welcomes )

Hiya! I played your game and decided to make a gameplay video on it. My video doesn't give homage to the great game you've made. Thank you for making this!

Hiya! did a video on your game!

Hiya! I played this wonderful game for my channel. I really like the one bullet idea!

Hiya! here's my play of this game. I didn't bother finishing it after I died.

Hiya, Heres my play of this game. I apparently didn't know the headphones existed toward the end. I had a real fun time playing it!

Hiya! here's my play of this game

Hiya! I did a video on your game. I really enjoyed it!

Interesting game, definitely needs to be worked on though. I absolutely love the concept, can't wait to see what you make of it.

Oh, and I have an idea for your game. When throwing weapons it should damage enemies, like in the gme Super Hot.

Hiya! Here's my play of this game, I really enjoyed it!

Quite disappointed this isn't available for windows. Looks like a fun game though! 

Hiya! Here's my play of the game. The only problems I had was not being able to change resolution and the generator parts were kinda hard to find. The game was really fun and I loved the low-poly art style!

Heya Hiya! I dida YouTube video on this game, I really liked this!

The suspense was scarier than the monster. Great game!

This game was pretty neat, to bad it didn't have that secret ending I was hoping for. Oh and I did a gameplay too.

Hiya! I did a play on YouTube for this game. I really enjoyed this, it made me feel calm and stuff. And... I'd like to know how the anatomy of the living cacti works, for science purposes.

Oh and since I played with the app there was no sounds. 

Didn't realize AI was a thing

It's actually a just a morbid kissing simulator (Made joke before seeing other comments but was still proud so kept it) . HaHa, all jokes aside this was an... expirance. Ithink I enjoyed it? Anyways, here's my play of it!

Hiya! Really liked this game. The art style is amazing, It's just that I'm bad at the game.

Well here's my play of it!

Hiya! heres my gameplay of this strange and funny game.

Hiya! Heres my gameplay of this brilliantly crafted game! I completely loved the voice acting!

Heres my gameplay of this game. This gave me a good spook and I can't wait for the full game!



Here's my video on this amazing game! Im loved this so much and can't wait for the next game!

Hi! I did a YouTube video on this wonderful game. This game is very calming and even more on a rainy day.

Heyo! I made a YouTube video on this short game. I quite enjoyed this game, and the art stlye and music is very exquiste.

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Hey, I did a YouTube video on this game! This game is so funny and entertaining! I love It!

No, but next time I play I will! Thanks!

Hey, I did a YouTube video on this game!I absolutely loved this, but as shown in the video I couldn't get far since I got a tad nauseous.

Here's my play of the game, the gameplay is sorta laggy though.

This was a great game and I had a lotta fun with it!

Heys! I did a YouTube video on this game.