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I would rather not be ristricted to 1 of each. How about a % rather then an numerical limit... so on a map with say 9 bots you aren't forced to have at least 6 of them be assault...

I'll clarify then, subtrees are intended to work as something you could just attach into any AI. Say you like having all of your bots to have a certain branch of an AI you have, make it a subtree then put that subtree into any other AI you wantes it in.

Please check the trello board, this should already be on it.


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Absolute value vs percentage

let me highlight: "with the conditions"

Well then, be aware that he actually does intend to have bot abilities.

The timer reseting is either a game bug or an inefficiency in your AI (or both)

At the moment, players are only taken up 1 league at a time.

Yeah, that sort of stuff partually inspired the maps I made for the comp... and they were all too big apparently :(

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Well it won't stop my snipers unless they're dancing over OoR, and there's nothing else around... ;P

I get my bots to get away from anything that needs to keep moving, or is likely to have traffic...

So we just vote for maps we would like included...?
I would have preferred a preferential voting system (numbered votes), oh well.

Make ALL the fake accounts to up my own map!

1) Don't know, best guess would be how fast it pushes a bot that's trying to push it?

2) GFX47 Has said that the tick rate for shotguns may be too slow for their speed. (paraphrased)

3) Use wikipedia, it'll have all the info about the ELO rating system that you'll need except 1 thing: the constant that GFX47 decided to use, however, with a bit of experimentation and/or observation you would be able to figure that out.

Please check the trello board, what you seek may be contained within.

I'm against exclusives, we don't need to bring the consol wars into this.

They would only be able to draw at best...

I would think feature... you haven't said your rdy yet

I'm currently away for a while I'll definitely have a look after I get back home.

Maybe it was deleted,as I said it had very little on it (just the home page when I last saw it)

I agree with you want would like it fixed...

the pre-existing wiki is on one of those two.

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Err, how many maps can we create?

I mean how many entries are we limited to.

And possibly problems with Unity, the free unity (personal edition) requires the licence holder to be the only one working on their projects (essentially). Professional edition costs money.

Unless they've changed their policies on this since I last looked.

GFX47 is the sole developer

Threshold, not gradually.

There is a wiki, but it has very little info on it.

I had been thinking a greater nerf to its speed when it picked up a resource would do

I think small but frequent changes would be a more efficient system, but it would take more effort.

Shotguns are too effective at scoring.

You likely locked in that games AI and bots, try playing a new match and changing the AI there

That is essentially my suggestion for the conditions: If Attacking/Aiming/Firing.

Didn't get that TT meant target, sorry.

aww I was top though...

No League 3 promotion?

Many player games has been suggested before and is on the trello board.



Not Exist


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nope that says that there is a foe bot that is not a sniper, not that there is no foe snipers

How about Trello Board? It's what I've been using.

(Excluding when used for sniping resources) Shotguns are bad when they have to approach an enemy, especially multiple enemys. However when they spawn close, so much that approach is short, then they are reasonable.

Secure resource > catch resource. Is a cleaner method, without the need for the extra condition.

I developed tactics that allow for assault to beat a sniper(s).

Machine guns seem like a suppressor or harassment unit; they move too slow to get into or out of a fight which means unless they're going to be used as a suicide unit, they need to be long range. They are bad at long range because of the dps, which is enough to keep sheilds from regen but little else. My thoughts are that machine guns are good for 2 things. Defending a point as long as that point is right on next to them, or firing pot shots at the enemy.