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Nice to hear! Good luck with your project!

Thanks! We spent a lot of time making the map, but sadly we didn't have enough time to implement enough player feedback... Thanks for playing tho!

Thanks a lot!

Thank you very much :)


Thanks! You'll have to watch my devlog for that!

The game is nice to play, although it took me some time to understand why I lost or gained points. Maybe you could separate  the bad objects from the fruits with a different colored outline or smth. 

Appreciate it!

Thanks! It's really motivating to hear this!

Ah I see

Thanks a lot! 

Ohw, that wasn't clear to me, sorry! 

Thanks, yeah tweens are extremely powerful in my opinion. At least in this style, I think in pixelart games it's less effective.

Yeah I saw that issue coming halfway through making levels. A possible fix could be to make more special tiles with some specific feature (e.g. spring loaded tiles or smth) but that just isn't doable in the given time frame. Thanks for playing!

The DVD animation I really liked, but then you go from low poly 3D menu to a 2D sci-fi ish menu which is a bit odd. But the game itself is absolutely amazing!

No prob mate!

Ah okay, well those things happen in Game Jams haha

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I really liked this game, the mechanics are amazing, the concept is great and the global leaderboards are a cool extra feature. Although the implementation of the theme is a bit lacking. Also the UI elements don't fit together visually in my opinion. 


I really like the concept/story telling in the game. Also the transaction from the black/whit world to all of the sudden a very bright and colorful world is really neat!

Cool game! I liked the different minigames and the voice made the game even more fun!

If there's one thing I'd change: make the maze in the same grey color as the rest of the game.

Nice game, I enjoyed playing it. The fact that the enemy healthbar doesn't change until they have 80% health I a bit confusing at the beginning tho.

 Idk if this is intende,d but when you walk and jump simultaneously  you can keep jumping in air.

Very unique game!

Good job! The mechanics are nice and smooth. The game is enjoyable to play, although I didn't really get the "unexpected" aspect of the game, but that might be just me.

Very cool mechanic, I also really like the player animations.


It's very impressive you managed to model all those items. It's a very fun game abd very satisfying to clean/destroy everything! 
The controls were a bit hard to get used to for me though.

I really enjoyed the story telling, also the assets were really nice. Good Job!

It's impressive you made this in 8 hours, but due to that the game feels a bit empty/monotone in comparison with the other games.


I really like the idea / mechanics. I played way longer than  intended!

My server:

Oh boy I am!!!!

Hey, thanks for the comment. No, the water gun isn't supposed to do that... I'll also make them drop more coins, thanks!

Looks great! I'm really excited to see more of your work

Personal highscores: 

Woods map 5:39

Crater map 4:18

Mountain map 4:32

Sky map 2:10

Wow, this game has a really nice vibe to it!