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(Clarification: I can confirm that despite this bug, I can interact with the UI elements that this vignette thing blocks out. The tooltips for the buttons still work, as do the buttons themselves. I'm just not sure where the heck the back or exit button is.)

I'll see how many tracks I can strip out first. OGGs are the smallest file format to work with (I think).

  • Character: "Pale One"
  • Made with Version 0.2.1-stable.20180402


This happens when I click the "Add module" button on the top-right.

I entered the modules menu, only to find that the menu had this circular vignetting covering the sides? I was able to add a module for building, but then I couldn't get out of the menu, likely because the return-to-game exit button was hidden by the vignette.



Okay, just wanted to make sure.

  • Character: Blanc alpha
  • Made with Version 0.2.1-stable.20180402

Great! Just be sure to claim the download key before somebody else does it first, okay?

  • More Odelia
  • Expression's looking a bit strange...

Hello, MSEXE. Just gotta put this here in case you couldn't see it:

  • Character: Odelia
  • Made with Version 0.2.1-stable.20180402

  • Character: N/A
  • Made with Version 0.2.1-stable.20180402

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  • Character: Hiyori
  • Made with Version 0.2.1-stable.20180402

Glad it'll also help you!

Oh, would it be possible to Stick this thread to the first page of the threads?

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  • Character: Araph Nightly (test)
  • Made with Version 0.3.0-nightly.20181014

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(Disclaimer: No, this is NOT an official AR14 thread.)

Please showcase the characters you made with Mannequin here.

Different kind of request: can anyone please check out this video where I use a character created with Mannequin in a Ren'Py game?

I wasn't expecting a response this soon!

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Yes, Windows 10.
I don't think the version of the itch app (which, BTW, is still 23; don't know why it won't update) matters, because this happened when I launched the Nightly build from the Mannequin icon.

I know you're dealing with a lot on your end, but I feel I should put this in here for when the time comes so that you can look into this (and before I forget about it and run into it again... ;-_-): on my machine, the current Nightly build just stops between the start-up screen and the editing window. I click New character, the window changes to the editing window with a dark gray over it, and...nothing. It doesn't budge from there. It stayed like that during a 30-minute wait. I had to force quit it to make it stop.

If you need more info about my machine, let me know.

Lately; it just started happening out of nowhere.

And no, reinstalling didn't help.

Had the same "won't run from itch" problem.

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No, not that I can tell. Closest things are app extensions, but those don't count. Right?

Any input?

Didn't you guys say something about a Patreon? I haven't found it.

Using the Chisari model created through Mannequin.

I was able to open AR14's Mannequin app from the itch app before, via the red Launch button. Now? It's...not doing that. Nothing happens, and the "Buy an extra copy" and "Share" buttons just shake red momentarily. I have to go into the folders to open the app now. Is this an itch-app-side problem?

I can't launch Mannequin from the itch software all of a sudden? I was able to launch it from there, but now I have to go directly into the itch folders and launch the app directly.

  • The ability to duplicate face presets (duplicating the same face for different facial expressions)
  • Exporting for Ren'Py (about 3/4 of the full body, less than the usual SVG/PNG output)

Latest stable build on Windows 10. I only recently found out that this could happen.

Tried that, but the program wouldn't budge. Had to redo the character from scratch. :(

@AR14 To be clear, this issue doesn't occur when the model is "naked".

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More artifact lines? I don't think the lines at the breasts are supposed to be so visible. (You might need to zoom in with an image viewer.)

Created an outfit preset with "?!" in the name. Now the program isn't responding!

No. Thank you!