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Game is extremely fun, I've had many great runs both here and on the Steam version! I do have a question tho, is it normal for removing things from Tote's deck to cost 999? The only time I've been able to remove something is when it's something I bought which. I don't want to get rid of if I intentionally got it

Edit OH I finally figured out you rightclick to select sell at 10 coins per. I assumed I couldn't bc the prices for most were listed at -999 each

thanks! I certainly hope so, ideally I want it to be one people can relate to and maybe encourage those still affected  /o/

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so this is my first video game jam (HOLLA), and my temporarily-titled game will be traversing the trials and tribulations of coming out as ace while experiencing the wear and tear of microaggressions affecting that

as of now my main idea is to implement it using Java as an Interactive Fiction game in which the player can make choices as to how they spend their time (i.e. online vs hanging with friends vs working) and how that affects what kinds of treatments and biases they're exposed to and how that subsequently affects ability to come out, which I'm tentatively using stat systems for self-confidence and fear and research/preparation for.

not only is this my first game, but my first time creating an 'executable', which I'll most likely do using Java Swing to create a downloadable file with popup gamestuff. I've been warned though lol that Swing is suffering so that plan may change depending on how stubborn I am vs how hard it is aha

update: end of day 2, I've created a basic JSwing window and classes for the toolbar/buttons and text components along with an Interface to talk between them. So far all it does is collect the given player name and give a brief description. Pending plenty more writing to script then add in

update 2: end of day 4,  laid a bit more foundation, should have everything I need for the window itself.  Also have 150 words out of a story that's going to require.... a lot  lol. I have to add in the stat systems for Confidence, Fear, and/or Research but otherwise everything else should probably just be the writing portion

update 3: end of day 10.  IT'S BEEN A WHILE. I feel good about the foundation and framework itself for the window. Writing is... a bit slow at 416 words so far. Main thing at the moment is writing out encounters and the necessary methods to change the 'page number' to reflect current

I dig it!! Can't wait to see what comes out

by chance have you listened to The Adventure Zone? one part gives an interesting take on powerful D&D liches acting as binary stars so to speak to keep each other sane and grounded