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I've just seen this! Thank you so much, I'm so glad you liked it ^^

Thank you for playing my game!

This is a very powerfull idea, with beautifull art, nice sounds and song, and a funny gameplay. Nice job!

Thank you a lot for your feedback! I would have made a mechanic based on doing laps, but I run out of time hahaha. Thank you!

Nice game, really! The gameplay is very funny, but you should work more on the graphics. Good job!

I appreciate your feedback very much! Thank you! I will check out your game! (and nice try, but you need more than 100 to enter on the scoreboard hahaha)

Nice game! The only thing that I would change is that when they hit you, you do not feel the hit. Maybe a screen shake would be fine. Good job!

Thank you very much for your feedback! I'm happy you enjoyed it ^^

I would write a comment, but I would say exactly what Fire Totem Games says here. Keep working on this game!

This is a good start for making a big game, but it have a lot of bugs that breaks the game (sometimes the AI don't work, the battleship don't shoot, all the ships act weird...). The art is amazing, the sounds are very good, and the experience (without bugs) it's amazing. Good game! Keep working on it!

This game is fantastic, except for the music. Maybe the rocket laucher is a bit useless (and the icon is decompensated with the rest of the draws), but despite those things this game is amazing! Good job!

The SFX are good, but the song needs to polish more.

It's fantastic to hear that! Thank you very much, I'm so happy you liked it! And that's a very good score ^^ (and knock the AI to the sun is always satisfactory hehehe)

And 110 it's the WR, congratulations!!

Thank you very much for playing and rating my game! You should try the versus mode with your friends one day, you will laught a lot! And yes, of course, I will play your game and I will rate it, but now I'm going to sleep ^^

One of the best games I've played today. Absolutely wonderful! I love it!

Thank you for your feedback! You can play Versus mode alone activating the AI (the red buttons) but yes, with friends it's hyper funny!

This is a nice concept of a game, with wonderfull graphics. It's a very good start for a game! Keep working on it ^^

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It's hard to understand the effects of every proyectil, it's not clear. Also, the wait time between planets it's enormous, and makes it tedious. The physics are a bit weird. But overall, i had a good time ^^ Good job!

This game have a lot of potential, but I found some bugs (when you press space to pause, you go up) and the interface could be much better. Good game!

I love the claw, is so funny to play, but when you are so far, the claw takes so much time to reach the objective and makes it so difficult. The art reminds me to Yoshi's Islands games, but the spaceship is a bit uggly. Overall, this game is very good!

Nice art, nice gameplay, nice AI. Very good game!

Very cool experience, nice graphics and music, but the message of the game is very hard to catch. But overall, nice job!

Cool game, but a bit confusing when you get upside-down. The graphics are really good but the sound dont fits well sometimes. But overall, it's very good!

Very cool game. Really. It's very funny, but the music is so loud! Very, very good game. Congratulations!

Very good idea, but you should work more in the movement. Nice game!

Thank you for your feedback! <

Very cool game! And also challenging! Nice job.

Thanks!!! <3

Thank you for playing! <3

Share here your records! Or let me know what you think about the game! Or just tell me if you found a bug. Thank you!

This is my first (published) videogame and my first Game Jam. I hope you like my game! (Go to the videogame page for more info).