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A member registered Aug 01, 2018

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Okay I added you. 

I have discord. RabidSloth#6451. Mic's a bit broken though, gotta adjust it or get a new one.

I do 2D cel-shade cartoons, but I can help with anything but programming and music. I'm new to game development and am also interested in finding people to try out game jams with.

Great, short game. It's mostly linear, but manages not to feel that way. The music kind of reminds me of Twinrova's theme from Ocarina of Time.

Not at all what I was expecting. Great story and development. I especially like the part with the chair on Tuesday. 

Okay thanks! I'll check in after then if i don't have a team.

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I don't currently have any I can post but I can have some by the end of the day. Its cartoon style, so nothing fancy.

I am a 2D artist looking to form a team for this game jam.  I am new to game development and am very interested in doing a project with a team.