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Audrey Woods

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Well, guess you can't account for taste...

Dozer's update is really sweet, but Grifter is as disgusting as ever. I genuinely don't understand why he's a fan favorite.

Thank you! Hope Dean's gay too xD

Wonder about the others

Hm. Anyone wanna either confirm or refute that? Don't wanna read all the way to that point just to find out you're right.

Hmm. Hopefully Grizzly replies (and hopefully confirms him as gay xD)

So I'm finally reading through the rewritten first days and Dean mentioned something about 'not looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever'. I was under the assumption he was gay, is he though?

Oh! So you mean I can just continue in the same save and get new scenes? 

Jeez do I have to start a new game and grind all over again

Yeah that's fair though, I'd even feel shitty for even asking for money but again, I wouldn't be able to put the time in without it xD

Same here for the proofreading and editing, but what do you mean 'nothing behind you'? Do you mean no skill, or do you mean no proof of skill? xD

(Also as willing as I'd be I'd need some sort of financial compensation because I have Bills To Pay but I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be able to afford it this early sgsjsg) 

What's new in this update? I accidentally deleted my data and I don't feel like rereading the whole thing just to see if there's like a few new lines of text or something xD

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Seems like an interesting game so far, not sure how much of it is actually out since I'm only at the bath scene (which......... man I REALLY need that dad to be a romance option ksfjhkdj) BUT he really needs an editor. I understand that english isn't his first language but there's so many typos and odd terms that it's slightly off-putting xD

Edit: Alas,,,,,,,,,,, only the first day is out. Damn.

Okay, it really needs to be more clear on how you exit the rooms because it took too long to figure out that the bed in the inn somehow makes you leave the room and I'm still not sure what I clicked on to get out of the bull hut

1 Is there actually a difference between this and Demo 5? 2 Can I access older downloads like this somehow because it only takes me to the latest build

Am I missing something or is there no explanation for Nanafuse? Or did that happen later in the original game and you'll get to it? It's been a really long time, I don't remember anymore.

Also, is there a specific reason you're not using the original sprites? (Except Shun, I fully understand and support the decision to make him not look like a twelve year old! In general I just like him a lot more now. Though a few other characters are a bit Too Much and unrealistic at times.)

Anyway, looking forward to the beach update!

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Well, can't check now because clicking on 'Options' throws up an error

Edit: The game crashed after three attempts, now it shows a manu but only the basic stuff like music and sound volume. What am I looking for?

Cool! I'm just never going to say anything again, thanks! XD

........ is it actually an option I'm going to scream

if so I'm sorry djgkg

No issues so far but the whole argument with Ross is like.... oddly written and repetitive? Like written differently than I remember then rest of the game being ksdjf what's up with that

Are the straight scenes avoidable?

Thank you. 

Is it possible to avoid any m/f stuff? Is there a filter like flexible survival?

Love that someone decided to pick morenatsu back up but I'm iffy about the art and absolutely hate how much talk about girls there is like that's just wild
Good music though and I'm looking forward to seeing all the (positive skdfj) differences between this and the original

(Favorite character is still Juuichi and Shin)

Well like idk the one I can put into words, Richard's while sexual harassment thing while still wanting to be with Maria? 

Why what? Why I don't like them? 

Eh I'm not a writer I don't have the words to explain most of the reasons, but I still think people should have the option to dislike characters and not treat everyone like a friend

I wish we had the option to not be nice to all the characters. For instance I really don't like the coach and Richard, so any time they show up and the mc is just really nice to them it's all around uncomfortable.

..... Who recorded that song

Me: I finally managed to forget that the MC fucks a lot of girls!
This update: You sure

What's your sexuality anyway?

Well, hopefully, but he was also super against dressing up as a character from a 'homo' game, to the point where he left the club. And if he was straight before he falls in love with the MC, it still means he's bi.

Wait, Kei is bisexual? That's... an incredible shame. He was my favorite character and now he's just gross. Damnit, I was actually really enjoying this game until he admitted he'd like to ogle girls at the festival.

Also?? The slow burn is... masterfully done. It gives me life!

Absolutely stunning game, already the length of like,, two whole VNs and it isn't even done yet! Love it, love the characters, love the plot - even though the actual tennis stuff goes completely over my head - and I'm really looking forward to being able to play the full game!

(Plus, I'm usually not into 'pretty boys' with thee long eyelashes and stuff but godDAMN they're perfect!)

Though, just a request, could you maybe drop that one line about 'not being serviced down there for a while' or something after the massage scene with Jun? That one thing just threw me off completely and now I'm super squicked. My brain Won't Shut Up :T

Anyways, hope this goes well! And sorry for the giant wall of text, but you deserve praise!