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ok so I tried to make that clear by taking screenshots, but I don't understand your problem.

(btw sorry I'm French, and so are the language settings on my computer)

step one: download the right file (.zip and not .dmg)

step two: find the .zip file on your computer (for me, it's in Downloads)

step three: right click on the file, then choose "extract here"

(you need WinRAR to extract the .zip files. You can download WinRAR on the Internet)

step four: wait a bit (the extraction takes a little time), then open the BTS-all file that appears

step five: open the .exe file, the one with Jungkook's head as the icon

I mean, I guess that's not your exact problem, but can you be more precise? Downloading the game itself has not been a problem for anyone I believe........

So I looked up some tutorials on the Internet, since it seems to be a recurrent problem for so many people, and found out that it's likely to be your anti-virus blocking the program.

However, I do not know what is your anti-virus, and how it works, so I suggest you to search on the Internet how to bypass your own anti-virus restriction.

(I suggest you this link even though I haven't tried it https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=4361-MVDP-3638 )

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are you using a PC or a Mac?

which zip file have you downloaded?

which file (.exe , .py , .sh , .dmg) are you trying to open?

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it's a pretty well-known "software" so you can find it easily on the Internet; it will allow you to extract all the files from the .zip

when you've downloaded it, right click on the to_the_edge_the_sky.zip file, then select "extract here", then open the BTS-all file, then open the .exe file

Replied to armyof in Zip File Empty

you're apparently not the only one who had to face this problem...

try to delete the game, then redownload it? idk....

good thing is that we do have the same computer. but I'm not a specialist so I haven't figured out how to remedy to the problem......

have you tried deleting all the files (including the .zip) (by deleting, I mean deleting, not just trashing), then redownload the game, then extract the zip files, then reclick the .exe?

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You have to change your preferences in the settings.

Follow these steps: System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > Allow applications downloaded from > Anywhere

(alternative method: while pressing the "control" button, click on the app from which the warning message comes, then click "open")
(I haven't tried this one though, only found it looking up on the Internet)

Well I didn't get any warning like that, however there are three files; if the .exe doesn't work, then you might want to try the .dmg or .sh

Also, are you sure you dowloaded the right version? If you have a Mac, make sure to download the .dmg file, otherwise download the .zip file.

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do you have downloaded WinRAR to extract the zip file?