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I cant see my mouse.

Really close right now! one week

and i got through the wall haha

Collisions need work, make the camera show more instead of making it showing where you going to shoot make it the opisate, to hard explosion that moves the player, would be good if you could jump other wise alrgiht

Hey I am Kevin and i am looking for a team for the jam, i know how to code in C# (Unity), and i know a bit of modelling. Discord: xriva#0378 

Yeah umm i dont escpecially like the sensitivity and that you can turn around 360 degrees. alright graphics but not good coding... sorry for being harsh

A little to hard, balancing would be good, and i love the art, but the music blasted me in the begning, overal good game for a game jam

Thanks for the reply, happy that you think its good!

a little too hard but good concept

great art but some of the voice acting is questionable

all of the symbles didnt work, and i did not try the executeble version, Thanks for responding bye.

the symbles dont work atherwise great